Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Truth

I have been pondering on this idea for a long time now, and finally decided, we all need it. After the very first time i ever got tested, getting the tests yearly became easier and easier. Now it's a walk in the park. Mind you the first time i got tested was less than 4 years ago. After i got married and just had a bran new baby. I had applied for Life Insurance and of course they tested me. I was always afraid of getting life insurance because of that test. Why? I don't know....but like many of you, i was very very nervous the first time. However, it is the best thing i have ever done. Ever. I'm sharing my story with you, because so many of us want to get tested but don't.

I invite you to this amazing
FREE workshop "The Truth" Saturday November 26 from 3pm- 6pm at The Cris Gibson Community Center (Brampton north of Queen on McLaughlin)

There will be guest speakers along with someone living with Hivto speak to us.

We need to get this word out there my friends. Everyone is so afraid to speak about it. Well, not me. Let's come together and discuss The Truth. Get your teens, friends and family out this day and join in on the "convo" bring your questions and comments and let's keep it real on November 26.

Please SHARE these flyers. Don't keep it to yourself. If you know anyone who is ACTIVE, they need to be there.

I want to see you there! This is for young women and men, however it is not limited to them, if you are older and don't consider yourself "young" please come. You need to hear this too.

To reserve your seat, please email me back with the amount of seats you will need. You have 2 months to take that day off :-)))

For some reason i can't seem to upload the flyer if you send me your email, i will send it to you.

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