Friday, September 2, 2011

I Was Doing So Good.......Until....

So i have been so proud of myself lately for NOT attacking my nails.

My girl Tamara, introduced me to a product called "Nutra Nails" and let me be the one to tell you that her and i KNOW what is good from garbage when it comes to nail treatment. We use to use this product called "Grow 10" the only one on the shelves that was proven to work 100% They discontinued it about 2 years ago and since then, her and i have struggled to get a good product. Well, at least one like that one.

One day Tamara called me and said, "Liz i wanted to test this out before i told you to go buy it but guurrrlll you have got to get is 10 times better than Grow's called Nutra Nail..." "ok come on now ma, you know aint nuthin betta than Grow 10 hahahah" i laughed.

Well, let me PLEASE tell you here ......IT IS AMAZING!!!!!! I mean if you break a nail, within 5 days you will see a HUGE difference. I mean this y'all.

Recently i had two nails is the first time since i have been using this product. I don't have gel or acrylic or any sort of anything on my nails. The are ALLLLL NATURAL! However, when those two nails broke, i had no choice but to file them down pretty short. I was so sad. I had a pity party all by myself in my room for a whole day.

I'm still not over it......but i will soon.

Okay now, hurry up and go get this polish. You will thank me ....soon. If you are a biter or nibbler, go buy it. You will be hooked on this. Between that and my cuticle oil, i don't which one i love more.

A big SHOUT OUT to my bestest friend Tamara. Honey i wish we would have founf this when we were 14 years old running around like "crazy chicks" lol.....or when we had to jump that fence by "the park" after getting caught stealing. Well "i got caught" lol lol Love you ma.

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