Monday, September 26, 2011

Read Your Manual

What a weekend....what a weekend....

Ok, so you know how we all get car manuals when we purchase a car? I have had my Audi for about 6 years. I don't owe anything on it, but i feel like i do...with all the money i have put into fixing it. It got hit a couple of weeks ago and the damage cost was $1,400 which was cool because it was the drivers fault and he chose not to go through insurance. That was fine with me, except i was without a car for a week. My son told me when he was driving the car on the weekend the "coolant" sign kept popping up and advised me to make sure i got a bottle of coolant. As i was about to take Captain skating yesterday and driving with my foster son as well, i saw smoke coming from the hood. I tell you, my God is amazing...i was turning into Canadian Tire at that exact time to buy the coolant. The mechanic knocked on my window and when i rolled it down he said, " have a leakage under your car and its making a funny noise...." I thought to myself "noooo really?" But i did not want tot be rude.

Make a long story short, it was my timing belt. yuppp that's right/. So this means about $800 later i will have my car back. Plus i had to pay $100 to have it towed because Canadian Tire will charge me about $1,200 to fix it and they are not professionals in my eyes. My mechanic who works at Audi part time and also has his own shop, has been working on my car for about 2 years and he is amazing.

I called him crying yesterday and he has never seen me like that. He got so worried and assured me it's not the end of the world and reminded me that "I MUST READ MY MANUAL or at least look at it ever few months" okaay okaay.......i thought...

Anyway when i looked in the manual and read the section on coolant and etc (i don't know much about cars, except how to drive it and a few other minor things) i noticed it said that after a certain amount of kil on the car, to check the timing belt and this and that....I think i have looked in that manual about 3 times in 6 years. Yiikesss...that is terrible.

Ladies, please do not wait until your car breaks down before you take it to a shop. Get it checked out every 4 to six months just for the hell of it. Taking the bus is fun (more so for Captain) but my ohhh my i don't realize how much i love my baby until it's gone)


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