Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Get Tested!

I remember growing up and being so afraid to get tested for HIV! My friends and i would talk about it but no one had the guts to go and do it. So i went so many years without doing one. But in the back of my mind, despite if i had been with one partner or 10, i could not stop thinking about it. My first boyfriend cheated every week with a different girl. I grew up in the hood (Bleecker St) and then, it was norm. There were times where i went in for my yearly physical and was so tempted to have one so i said to myself, "ok if they offer it to me, then i will do it." But can you believe none but ONE doctor ever said anything about getting tested. Awful huh?

Finally after i got married, my husband and i decided to get life insurance and that was the FIRST time ever i got tested. I even told him i was very nervous and scared  to get the policy because of the Aids test. He was so relaxed and cool about it even tho he had reason not to be. However, he got tested yearly. So it was a walk in the park for him. Me, on the other hand, i was a mess for two weeks while waiting for the results. Of course it was negative but the wait alone was like dying slowly. There are thousands of women in the states who get infected by their "gay" husbands and they have only slept with ONE man...so it has nothing to do with the amount of partners you have been with. Everyone is at risk. Unless you were both virgins, then ok. Otherwise, one is too many and reason even to get tested.

Since then i have been tested every year. It is the MOST LIFE CHANGING thing you can ever do. If you are married, then this is not really for you because hopefully your husband or wife will be the last but if your not, and you take this test and the results are NEGATIVE, i promise you this, you will NEVER be intimate with another man unless he also gets tested. Even with protection. It is just the affect this "test" has on you. All the women i know that have been tested DO NOT sleep around with men. They are very cautious and do not take chances. However there are those women who have never been tested and sleep around a lot. Whether they are in the church or in the world. Makes no difference. This test is one of the bestthings you will ever do.

Years ago too many people did not take it because the waiting period is too long and for that entire time they waited, they are sick. I have one friend who puked everyday waiting for the results. But today, you can take this test and get the results in 5 MINUTES!!!! Please go to this website and find a location near you and give yourself what you deserve, FREEDOM!!!!!!
Get Tested Here
These clinics are located throughout York Region and provide the following services in a non-judgmental and confidential environment:. Please visit them today.

Also look out for the workshop i will be doing in November on this topic. I will have special guest speakers and life changing topics. I will keep you posted.

I love you all and hope to be blogging with you in 50 years :-)))

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