Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I'm soooo super excited for my "Commitment List"
Thank you Snoopy for "loving me" and helping to transform my life.

I recently started another seminar at Landmark Education titled "Commitment" it is a free 10 week course that is given when you take the Forum (as i did) There is so much i have learned in just one day (already)

One of the main things is the real true meaning of "Commitment" Now this could be related to anything in you life. Your job, children, community, relationship, friends, volunteer, and the list goes on. We were told to write a list of things you are committing too and so i did.

I will NOT tell you what all of them were but i will mention a few:

Writing a full chapter a week in my book (So i can hurry up and finish it)
Making a date night for the kids every week
Mission Trip before the summer

Ok now there are about 6 more but I'm here to talk about one main one; My Mission Trip.

I have been putting this on hold for wayyyyyy to long now. I would say, i first wanted to take this trip about 5 years ago. I kept thinking about it and thinking about it and thinking about it LOL.
Finally after taking the Landmark Forum and started the JoyeRide Project http://www.youtube.com/user/TheJoyeRide
I decided to give it my all.

The girls and i (Natalia, Snoopy, Lasha, Veena) have all taken the Landmark Forum and are all on the same page in regards to "community outreach and helping the helpless"

So we agreed a "mission trip" would be the most rewarding thing we can possibly do. When i mentioned it to my son (in hopes he would come) he jumped on it ASAP! His reply was "Mom i would love that"

So we are looking into "Costa Rica" and will be booking it next month once to depart either May or latest June :-)

After watching tons of video footage of these mission volunteer trips on YouTube i decided i would devote my life to take a trip at least once a year and also getting my Captain (2 and a half old) involved once he gets old enough to remember the trip.

I know that my outreach work that i do on a regular basis may not be much to some people BUT there is no feeling in the world like the feeling i get when I'm out there with these people looking into their eyes and seeing their unspoken pain. They are so thankful for the smallest gifts. Mittens, hats, food etc
I can only imagine what this "trip" is going to do for my soul and for my teenage son.

 We have so much to give thanx too. Clean water. Heating in our homes. Food to eat everyday. Toilet paper. Blankets and a mattress. Family. Our health. I mean i could go on and on mentioning all the wonderful simple things we can thank God for. But these people have none of the above. They have to wait for a delivery date and can barely have a full meal a day. They can NOT be promised tomorrow. Many of them don't even have family members close by. They have all been separated due to unfortunate circumstances.

I'm committed to making a difference in this world. I want to be remembered for what i did for the less fortunate men, women, children and babies.

Despite where I am in life or what i may be doing, my children and i will be giving back. Some way, some how.

I invite you to take your children on this journey. If you do not have any children, take yourself or family members. Or maybe like us, take a group of friends along with you. You will be transformed for life. You will never be the same.

Let's be more compassionate towards others and each other. Understand and forgiving. I spent time with "unforgiving feelings" for too long. It ate away at my soul and my joy. It destroyed me inside. Finally i LET IT GO and I'm free to LOVE and express my compassion in ways that i was not able to in the past. I'm at peace with my family and myself and that is truly what life is about. You have got to remember that "people" hurt us because of their "own" pain. It never has anything to do with you-directly. So don't hold them hostage for your pain. Because the truth is, they are also in pain. Silent pain. Forgive them and forgive yourself.

I love you all and we will chat soon.

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