Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Take Advantage!

So as many of you know, i work for Mississauga Transit as my 9-5 and on a day to day basis i listen to customers complain about bus timings etc

Today, i had a lady tell me she travels from Scarborough everyday to Mississauga on the bus just to get to work and she even mentioned she only gets paid $12 an hour. But there was something very interesting about the turn this conversation took.

I asked her if she does anything else on the side. Like own a business, school etc and she replied "No, but I'm really thinking about starting my own business"

I of course asked "What type of  business" She answered "Well i was thinking about a cleaning business because a lot of the people in my area hire Molly Maid and other cleaning services. I hired Molly Maid once and know for sure i can do so much better. I'm a clean freak"

I thought "Hhhmmm" ok let me minister to her for a minute while i have the chance.

"I don't know if maybe i was suppose to answer your call but i have an idea for you that worked for me for the year and a half i took the bus almost everyday (recently).....Go to dollerama and buy yourself 2 note books. One for your To-Do list and the other for your Business Planning. Write down everything you need to do in order to start that business and while you are travelling on the bus start writing down your plans in order to start this business. Take advantage of the time you spend on the buses. Don't just sit there and watch people or fall asleep. If you are going to read, read books on "Your Passions" or what you want to do. In your case, there are plenty of books on "How To Start A Cleaning Business" You will have to learn the legalities and how to run a legitimate business in cleaning. Start NOW. You may not be taking the bus forever and the bus is probably the only time you are doing NOTHING so take this time to build something for you while you are on your way to work every day and back home. I built my current business D.e.v.a on the bus. This is why i know if you make this choice, it will be one of the best things you have ever done for YOU. I had my big heavy carry on bag on the bus with me everyday. I took 4 buses all together and travelled 2 hours to work and 2 hours back. I read and was writing non-stop. More than 80% of my business was built on the bus"

We shared a bit more before she commented.....
Her reply "Ohhh my goodness you have no idea how much you have just encouraged me. I'm going to get those notebooks today and get on it. I already have the vacuum and the most important tools at home. I will register the business this week too because i already have a name. Thank you sooo much.....GOD BLESS YOU"

Those last words really stuck with me as i hung up the phone.

My people, take advantage of the time you spend on the bus every day.
Invest TIME in YOU and your DREAMS!

There is no excuse why you can NOT do what you want to do or what you sit there and dream about doing. Get UP and GET on IT!

I'm not going to sugar coat this. Because i know it can be done. If i were to tell you what i was going through while taking that bus just a year ago to and from work, 4 hours a day in travel time, you would NEVER in a million years believe i established my D.e.v.a business in the midst of all that. But i did it. I was determined to occupy my mind and life with bigger and better things (outside my kids) I was not letting anything or anyone hold me back, despite the pain and story.

So I'm a living testimony of what can be done with your time travelling on a bus or train.

Let me know how it goes.

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