Saturday, December 18, 2010

NO Filters!

Good morning my bloggers;

I feel amazing and so full of LOVE.

For the past year i have been driving to the same Tim Horton's drive through 2 minutes away from my house. Its all the regular routine; i pull up and place my order and then drive to the window and pay. Only this morning was a bit different. There are about 2 or 3 ladies i usually get  at the window depending on the time. There is one particular woman who never smiles and barely looks at me. There has been times where i just say thank you, give her my money, take my change and drive off thinking "She is so miserable"

The Landmark Forum has completely altered and transformed my entire life and totally erased all the FILTERS i see people through. I had a different filter for every human being in my life. We all do, by the way.

As soon as i drove up to the window and saw her. I SAW HER. I mean i actually looked into her eyes for the couple seconds she made eye contact with me and i smiled. I could see that she was caught off guard and knew that my smile was genuine. For some reason she looked different and very angelic.
I said "You look so pretty this morning" And i promise you, she looked like she was going to cry. For the first time in a year i saw her smile. It was real.

She replied "Thank you. I have always wanted to ask you what you do because i see that green magnet on your car door" We then chatted for about 8 minutes as there was no one behind me so there was no rush until the moment someone pulled up to order.

She told me she has been wanting to go back to school and has been putting it off for awhile and does not feel motivated to do anything. She is a mother and wife and also takes care of her mother in law who lives with her and her family.

For a moment i wanted to get out of the car and hug her as i could see she needed a hug but i stayed in the car and enjoyed hearing her voice and seeing her smile. I took a few moments to tell her about Landmark because i truly don't have anything else to talk about when it comes to transforming someones life. I have tried it all and read all the "self-help" books in the world lol so now this is it for me :-)

For a year i created a STORY that she was miserable or maybe did not like me...for whatever reasons. We always come up with something even when there is nothing. All she was doing was expressing outwardly how she was feeling inwardly but there i went "judging"

Ever since i took this course at Landmark, my eyes have been wide open. I'm present when I'm speaking to people. I'm aware and there are no filters. It does not matter what their story or my story WAS, I'm aware of their emotions and understand their pain and why its all happening.

I can't describe what happened to me in this program but i do wish we could all feel what I'm feeling.
I have been hearing about breakthroughs in church for years and never really GOT IT! If you know what i mean. But i can now say i GOT IT!

I recently saved a close friend/family member from making the biggest mistake of their life. How did i do that? I got him to see and understand that he was just acting out on the "story" he created about someone and that he needed to go and find out what "their story" is. Only then, he will know exactly why that person is acting out the way they are. Days later he called me and said "Liz, i did what you told me to do and i just want to say thank you" This person does not normally take advice because "he knows it all"

I love this. I do. I want you all to GET THIS!

Transform your thoughts and your life!

Love, Me!

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  1. I looked into this course and im going to give it a shot in feb. Thank you Liz.