Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Quality Gifts from The Heart!

I'm so excited for the holidays and to be honest i have never felt so alive and happy. Every year for the past 5 to 8 years seemed so routine. Although i was happy, there always seemed to be something missing. It had nothing to do with those around me. It was just ME!

I have done most of my Christmas shopping, however there are a few things i still need to purchase. Although this is the first year i have been very ummm let's say "cheap" with my gifts lol i feel like i have so much love to give and come on now, what price do we put on that? Really?

I bought Captains (my little one) gifts. All toys of course. I figure you know what, for his birthdays and other special occasions i have always gotten him educational toys, books etc So for this Christmas (since he is aware of what gifts are now) i would go all out on toys! So i went and bought his favourite toys. Although they still got an educational kick to them lol they are fun and he will love them all.

Now for Keeno; i had bought him a gold chain and cross a few years ago that he NEVER took off. He wore it every day...day in and day out. But, he lost it and wanted one ever since. So i decided to buy one this year. He will be very happy. I also had the choice to spend another couple hundred on him. I could have either bought him a few games or some gadgets BUT i chose to pay for him to take this life transforming course at Landmark. I had no idea what he would say to that, but surprisingly he took it very well. He has been witnessing the transformation in ME and knows exactly how powerful this program is. So he is enrolled to start January 14th.

I truly believe this is the BEST gift i have ever or will ever be able to give him. The older i get, the more i realize that despite the price of the gift, it is not the "price" that matters. It is the thought and the love in which you give it with. Mind you, the course is NOT cheap. It costs $635 BUT that is pennies considering what the course does and how you walk away feeling. Keeno will forever thank me.

There are very well known successful men and women who went into this program with no direction or title in life and are now millionaires. For example the founder of Lulu Lemon discovered his "plan" in this program and now pays all his employees world wide to take the course. Movies like "The Matrix" was discovered by a man who took this program and the list goes on and on. It is mind blowing what happens to you. If you have someone very dear to your heart and care deeply about him/her please consider paying down $100 on this course to secure their seat (as every month the seats are sold out) they can than pay in installments and start the program when they are ready. be it one month or 3 months, it's up to them. But the $100 down will start the journey. This is the greatest gift....

Now for my siblings, as usual we are doing our Kris Kringle potluck. Only this year, i have written them a letter in which i will be reading to them out loud just before we have dinner. I spent so many years in my own "story" and often neglected them with no regards to their feelings or what they were going through at the time in their own lives. Funny enough, because i organize motivational workshops and seminars for a living :-/  Well this year, i will be sharing with them; my thoughts and feelings about my selfishness for the past 30 odd years and making many changes in regards to my siblings, nieces/nephews and parents.

What matters most is your FAMILY! Once that is RIGHT everything else falls into place. This is real. Your family is who you need to mend things with. Stop worrying about boyfriends, men, women, friends, co-workers etc
Start with your family and that will empower you to fix everything else. Even if you think you have done nothing. Say sorry for what you did not do or say. meaning apologize for not being there for them or caring about what they were going through at a particular time because you were to busy in your own "story" or just say "sorry" for something you have done and don't even know what it is. You will be amazed at the window that will will open.
free yourself so that you can freer someone else. It's like a domino affect.

For my closest friends, we are having a potluck indoor movie night (tonight) We are all so excited. It will be very intimate and about 6 of us. No material gifts (just food and some wine :-) ) We will share love and happiness all at one time lol. Sounds like fun huh? Yes and i can't wait. We will be meeting up at 6pm, eating, sharing, laughing and then we have the movie theatre in the condo booked for a couple hours to watch a Christmas movie. Just us. We have the theatre all to ourselves.

I will be spending time with mom and dad as well and we have a couple stops in between....including our Project Blanket tomorrow.

Ernie and i are totally looking forward to this event. We have been collecting items for the past couple months and it's time to deliver them to our homeless friends who will be in desperate need for the holidays (everyday actually)

Please give a gift from your heart this Christmas. I don't mean expensive material gifts. I mean things like a hand written letter, a baked cake, community outreach, feed the poor/homeless, donate toys, send cards, a hug delivered in person, a photo memory album, scrapbook album, a framed picture, an engraved inexpensive personalized item, a teddy bear that records your voice and there are many more things you can do that cost little to nothing.

Live a life of love and peace. Stop all the drama and hatred and paint your own canvas. Vision yourself like a fresh white canvas and you have got a box full of paint ready to paint the life you want. This is possible and FREE!

Have a FAB day and we will chat soon.

Love, Liz

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