Friday, February 18, 2011

What To Blog About?

Personally, i find blogging a very rewarding task as it usually involves some level of research and gives me an in depth understanding on the "topic of choice"

Where do i get my ideas from? Well, this morning i posted "What shall i blog about" on my facebook and Giulia from Giulia's Invitations and Accessories commented "Blog about what to blog about" hhhmm i thought, great idea. My ideas usually come from my day to day experiences, life, my kids, people or just simply taking a walk and BOOM it comes to me. Is blogging fun? Absolutely! I LOVE it and must say i have become very comfortable doing it. It is almost therapeutic.

In the past, i have used a list of blogging ideas to help me a bit as well. So every month i write down a few topics in my notebook and then write down the dates. I have also (like i did this month) written down in my calendar a topic a week. So for instance, i know that i will be blogging about Family Day this weekend because i have it written down in my calendar. Next week, i want to blog about "Sibling Love" which i got from the messages my baby sister and i send each other throughout the day. Words that keep us connected and remind us of the love we share...even though we are apart. The blog will focus on the importance of "staying connected while apart"

But then there are those "in between days" like today, that i want to blog and have to think real hard. lol

One of the things i know works for blogging and have only done it a couple times is "Guest Blogging" This is when you get outside writers to post a blog. A topic of their choice. Or when you interview people and post the interview. Especially if this is someone who is doing something that will interest your readers. You should always look for "new talent" - in reality, the most willing guest bloggers come from those who are just starting to make a name in the blogging world, and you can be the one to fulfill that need to get out there...Fresh ideas, thoughts and information are what you need when looking for someone to be a guest blogger. This blogger does not need to be popular but with something  to say and be able to put those  fresh ideas through written expression. Guest bloggers don't always have to be experts or popular bloggers. Many times, there are too many "hidden talented writers" out here that are waiting for a moment to shine...

What "we" bloggers need to remember is that we should socialize with other blogs within our niche. This will give us an idea of what topics are working and which ones are not. Using the right keywords in your posts is also of the highest importance, as all search engines look for keywords. Your "title" will probably be the biggest pull your blog will have. If you do not have a catchy title, people will not click on it. I have found this to be very accurate.

Well i do have a few tricks up my sleeves lol. I'm bringing up my blogging a notch and also my D.e.v.a Live Page I have a few interviews lined up as well ...with one being Carla, Founder of TradeSensation Events. The interview will be a look into her "Planning" world and why she walked away from a very high end fashion job to "Planning Weddings" I will also comment on how priviledged i feel for having the chance to meet and work with Carla. We will speak briefly about a project we are also working on.

I will be interviewing Solo Davies, Founder of The-Comeback-Movement who believes without a doubt that "whatever your circumstances, never underestimate your ability to impact others." So stay tuned Readers!

If you have an interest in writing a post for The D.e.v.a Blog, email me and let's chat!

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