Thursday, February 3, 2011

I'm One Lucky Woman!

Some of you already know if there is one thing i want to do again, it is to be a foster mother. Fostering is what i feel i do best as it is just like being a "mother" i don't really see a big difference at all.

I fostered 5 teen boys for a few years and loved every minute of it. I know eh??? How in Gods name did i do this? Well that is what i mean by it's one of the things i do best. It's very natural for me. Keep in mind, i also have a teen boy ...or should i say "man" lol (he is 18) Due to unfortunate circumstances, i was no longer living with my foster sons. Despite this, they come by my house a lot and even stay over night. I care deeply for them and still call them my "boys"

I was going to start fostering again and went in to see my old boss Susan. She told me i did not have to do any training as she already knew how well i did as a parent and foster parent. So she handed me the "Home Study" and told me to let her know when i was ready. I looked into buying a home big enough to take in at least 2 teen boys and realized moving was not in my favour at the time.

So i continued to pray about it and told God that "I'm ready for a foster son when you are ready to give me one" and just held onto the hopes that God would make a way soon. In the meantime, i got closer and closer with my foster son Kirk. He was definitely the closest to me. He has moved a couple times in the past year and just a couple weeks ago, he moved in with me. YIIIPPPYYYY!!!! I'm so happy and totally love having him home with us. He is such a perfect addition to our family. He is a blessing to any home. This young man is the ideal son (you too Keeno lol) He cooks, cleans and loves a good conversation. He has known Captain (my almost 3 year old) since, before birth Captain is sooo happy to have Kirk back home with us. So for now, i will put my application for fostering on hold as my prayers have been answered.
Although he is no longer in care, he was my foster son once before, and will always BE!

I think the reason why i love fostering so much is because i was once a foster kid too. I remember while in the care of these evil foster parents (except the last home i was in where i got pregnant with Keeno) i realized how much these people out here use the foster care business as just that, a BUSINESS! It made me sick and i would often yell at them "you guys are just using us for a pay cheque" It was obvious. Even today, there are way too many people out here using these poor kids who are already broken and dramatized for a "cheque" It sickens me and breaks  my heart. It is something i can't sit back and watch without opening my mouth. This world is filled with cruel people. Terrible people. So sad.

I'm so thankful to God for the giftings he has given me. I also thank God for my PAST. For if it had not been for my past, i would never be where i am today. I would not have the opportunity to foster with so much care and love... and above all, i would not have a STORY!!!

If you have a past, don't be afraid to share it. Set an example of what God is able to do. For God brought me through my storms to get me to where i am today. I'm proud of my trials and tribulations. They were stepping stones to get higher and higher. Don't ever complain and ask God "why me" WHY NOT YOU????

Today, i have 3 beautiful boys at home who i know will be sure to take care of me one day. I hope that day will not be for another 50 years ...oh wait i mean 30 lol but i do know that i will be ok because i make sure first and foremost, that my boys are OK!!!

I don't care for what many women today care for, the men, the fancy lifestyle and whatever else. It is about my kids and family. I will be ok the rest of my life living with my boys and doing what i love; GIVING BACK!

I know i have been "hand picked by God" to do what I'm doing.

I'm one lucky woman.


  1. Let me say those boys are very lucky to have you as their mom and us the readers are lucky to have you to share your stories so that we may reflect for a minute or two lol.
    God Bless You

  2. Thanks for sharing an uplifting story about fostering from your own experiences. You hear so many horror stories, so it is nice to read about a foster success story. Great blog post, Deva.

  3. Thank you so much ladies. Truly this inspired me. I live for this....To log onto the computer no matter where i am in this world and see that i have inspired someone.

    God bless you both.

    @Senzu- Thank you so much.