Monday, February 21, 2011

A "TREAT" Account!

Now, i must admit that i do spend a lot of my time browsing Fashion Sites. But i have come a long way in regards to my temptations. Before i got married i use to spend spend buy buy. It was a terrible habit from hell lol. I guess we can say it was a good thing i had gotten married lol- for that reason, wink wink.
Since then, i have def had a bit more money to play with. Maybe i should be saving more, but you only live once. I do have a couple savings accounts and life insurance and also an "emergency" account (which i do not touch) so we can say I'm doing pretty good :-))

Lately i have been "browsing" a bit more than usual ...but i can't seem to help it.

There are Fashion Designers that just seem to "hit the spot" for me. What spot? My weak spot. The spot that will convince me somehow to "purchase"

While i can't afford to buy the things i "want" not "need" i have come up with a payment plan :-)

If you see a pair of shoes you want or a hand bag (my weakness) than you can easily treat yourself once a month. This is what i do. I mean, i work hard, I'm a good mother, a great friend, loving sister/daughter, and i do my part in giving why not treat myself once a month. sometimes it is a bit more often, but i aim for once a month. This is a FARRRR cry from 15 times a month just a few years ago. So i can pat myself on the back.

I set my eye on the accessories and then i plan my next move lol. How can you do this? Well, start a "treat" account. This is where you put in money to treat yourself. It does not have to be for a fashion item. For instance, i put money in mine every 2 weeks for my "spending for a big item" account. I do what i please with this money. Last year, i treated myself and Captain (my 3 year old) to Dominican. I bought a few treats :-) and then this year in April i have treated Keeno and myself to a vacation. A 5 star hotel where we can relax and have fun at the same time. I was going on a mission trip but had to cancel because i owe Keeno a "graduation vacation from last year"

So, if you get my point here- a "treat account" is what you need.

I have my eye on a few treats and now i will have to decide which one i want. I wish i could say "need" but in all honesty, i don't need them. I have over 100 pairs of shoes, just a few of which i wear often. I know, crazy! Let's not even begin with hand bags or clutches.

There is also another choice; most banks offer the "Tax-Free" savings account where you can save without paying taxes. I also have this account and use it for "emergency savings" Which means, if i really need the money, i will dip in. But, so far i have not done this. Now my Savings Bond at work, on the other hand, i have lol.

If you want to manage your spending a bit more or always be sure to put aside your "treat" money, then go ahead and pay your bank a 15 minute visit and open an account. This has changed everything for me. I'm def one of the ladies who can get totally caught up with i need to stay focused!

Be Blessed!

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