Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Truth About Walking!

Last night, just before bed, i did my usual thanng- showered, slipped into my nighties, kissed Keeno and Kirk "good night", grabbed The Happiness Project and laid in my comfy sweet smelling white sheets and duvet. I came across a page that spoke about "exercising" and was very drawn to the words she wrote about "walking"

Is there a difference between "power walking" and "jogging"

Well, let me say this; i had my first power walk at 7am this morning since last summer (i do a lot of walking in the summer) and i was totally amazed at how amazing i felt. Although it was snowing, the weather was plus 4 and the sound of the stillness outside soothed my soul. I began silently doing my worship as i try and do every morning, and i could hear the birds singing. I almost believed they were singing along with me
:-) and i watched the small children holding hands with their grandparents/parents on their walk to school. What i loved the most is on my way back home, i could see that not one person had walked my path. How did i know this? My footprints were still the only prints in the snow.

Now, had i been jogging would i have felt all these incredible feelings of inner peace and joy? Would i have been so present? the NO! I jog from time to time in the summer and my mind is usually running with my feet. I think about different things. Business. My next task. Getting to work. Cooking the days meal. Captain...Keeno...yaddy yaddy yaww. Now I'm not saying jogging is- not good. Not at all. Please if you don't do it, start. I'm just showing you the difference that jogging and walking makes for me. Personally.

Walking outdoors is simply beautiful. It is a time to reflect and be present. It is "TIME" for YOU! I mean, we all deserve this. How much time a day do you take for YOU? Truly. I'm talking time where you are doing nada! Relaxing. Listening to music. Any music of your choice. My choice is classic soft R&B like Janet Jackson or Alicia Keys...but then i have my collection of Gospel that truly soothes my soul and spirit.

If you choose to start walking, you can either bring your ipod with you or do as i did, leave it at home. It does not mean you have to find an hour in your day to start. Just find 20 minutes to get your shoes on and hit the roads. You will be amazed at what this can do for your life.

If you have a partner, children or friends, start a "walking time" everyday with them. Stick to it. Pick a time and do it! Captain and i go for nature walks in the summer. I have been doing this with him since birth. It is one of our FAV times together. I let him run through the bushes, grass and trees and we have a good laugh. We take lots of treats with us and we don't rush back.

Let this summer be the best one of your life. Live, Laugh and learn to Dance!
Love, Liz

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