Saturday, November 6, 2010

Trade Sensation at The Last Bride Standing Bridal Show

Hello my people....

Well it has been a crazy weekend so far for myself and the team at Trade Sensation.
As some of you know the Toronto Bridal show is taking place this weekend at The Congress Centre. If you are a bride to be or have a friend who is getting married, come visit our booth at #726 Trade Sensation.

We are a ONE STOP shop wedding boutique located at 4040 Steeles Ave West. The largest wedding plaza in the GTA.

Come and enjoy the entertainment provided by The Last Bride Standing Show. It is being filmed LIVE.

It was so exciting to see these ladies standing for 56 hours. I, of course was not there for all those hours, however i was there all day and evening yesterday and this is REAL. The ladies get a 15 minute break every 3 hours and a ONE hour sleep a night. Yes that's right, you read me correctly. They looked totally out of it and apparently they have started getting catty with one another as well.

The winning prize is a $100,000 Wedding Plan Package on behalf of Le Jardin Banquet. So just imagine how hard these ladies are trying to win this prize. As a wedding planner i know that $100,000 is a great budget for a wedding. All 8 ladies (10 to begin with) seem to be under 27 year old so i assume this budget is GREAT for them.

They pretty much have to stand STILL. There are times when they can speak or move a bit, but not often. They are now on the third day and there is no deadline. They will be standing until the last women is standing. There are still 8 ladies and apparently the competition gets tougher today.

Come check it out ladies.

The fashion show was also very interesting.

Stay Devalicious Ladies

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