Monday, November 1, 2010

Regent Park is FRESH

I don't usually read the papers or watch the news unless I'm bored or in the mood to read about "stuff" This is what i call "Bad News"

I received a phone call a few days ago from an old friend who told me to turn on the news at 6pm. I thought to myself "Oh my Lord, which one of my old friends got murdered?" Only because that is usually the case when i get a phone call like that. But much to my surprise it was good news.

A couple of weeks ago this friend and i were conversing about the fact that there were or are no grocery stores in Regent Park, and it had been like that since childhood. We were discussing the fact that Regent Park was like a world away from the real world. A place that exists only for who lives inside. I remember as a child when i use to walk into the park i often asked my St.Jamestown friends to come along for some fun (which i always had in the park) and they would look at me like i just asked them to drink a bottle of bleech. LOL.

"Noway Liz, I'm not allowed to go to the park. My mom said its all bad people that live there"
"Huh?" I'd reply. "Ummm it's all bad people that live in James Town too. What's the difference? We are one big family"

I actually had friends who were not allowed to hang out with me because i was one of "them" LOL

Well, their parents made a good choice. I was up to no good anyway. LOL.

As i turned on City TV, much to my surprise Regent Park residents were celebrating their first ever Grocery Store "Freshco" This almost brought tears to my eyes. Why? Because why did it take so long for residents in Regent Park to have a grocery store walking distance from their homes? I mean, are they there to serve the affluent new residents, or the whole community?

What ever the reason is, I'm filled with joy to know that they now have a place they can walk to just outside of their homes and grab some fruit or milk. Last minute groceries. A place where these lower income residents can go to with a few extra dollars and buy a pack or two of meat to cook instead of purchasing fast food at the nearest "grab and go" restaurant. My heart was lifted with a feeling of joy to see the people walking in and out with smiles on their faces.

The Freshco location is clean, new, well maintained, very affordable and the staff is very friendly.
Located at 325 Parliament St, it is fresher and cheaper.

They have reported that residents from St.James Town and even further are making their way over to regent Park to shop instead of the other way around.

My people this is a reason to celebrate.

I will be sending out an email to all friends and family members this week. As i did last year, I'm collecting blankets for my fellow friends in the Regent Park area. I will be visiting them mid December with sandwich's already packed in paper bags and blankets. Please email me directly at to schedule a pick up time. I will come to you to pick up the blankets so no worries about getting them out to me.

Please take a moment to go through your collection of blankets/comforters and put one or a couple aside that a less fortunate man or woman can keep themselves warm with.

Most of us have access to meals and shelter, while these homeless individuals are out there trying to make it. Despite whether they can be out working or living better, they're not so let's come together and make a difference.

Love you all.

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