Tuesday, November 23, 2010

How Do You Know He Is The One?

Why is He the right man?

If there is one thing you can't say about him, is that He's evil.

He is a lover, not a fighter. He is gentle not harsh. He eases your pain, not causes it. He is love, not hate. He is does not play hard to get. Once you got Him, you got Him for life. He has the key that unlocks the door to "Your Reality"

He does not lie. He will never force you to do things out of your own will. He gives you the power of choice. When everyone gives up on you or betrays you, He never fails you. He is with you always.

He does not expect you to be perfect. He loves your imperfections and only wants you to be a better person. He will always help you to get to where you need to go...as long as its a safe place. Although He is always the first to correct you, He does so with love.

He does not expect you to look like a model or be skinny. He only wants you to be healthy. He does not want you sleeping around because He wants to be your only man. Sex is NOT on his mind EVER. All he wants to do is hold you in His arms singing sweet words of love in your ears. He wants to wake up with you every morning of your life. He wants you to desire the same. He wants to eat with you. Drink with you and travel the world with you. He is jealous but only because He knows whats out there and that no one is better then He is. He is very protective and will always defeat your battles. He expects you to be a lady and leave the "pay backs" up to Him. You may often hear Him say "I told you so" only because He did!

He wants you to educate yourself so that no person can and will have anything over you. He wants you to be who He knows you have been called to be.

He wants nothing more than for you to respect and love Him. To put Him first before anyone else. He desires deeply for you to be faithful to Him and in return He promises you a life of love and joy.

This man will not chase you for He is confident in who He is. He is humble and expects you to use wisdom in all areas of your since He has taught you all and everything you need to know.

You can't say this man has or will ever leave you. That will NOT happen. He is the ONE you can swear for.You will be the one to walk away from Him....

Do you have a man in your life that meets this criteria?

I DO!!!! Yes i DO! He promises me all of the above and much more. It's time i really start giving Him what He deserves. Too often i take total advantage of Him for things and people that are not even worthy of Him, yet he gives me chances over and over again......I don't deserve Him BUT He calls me His princess. His beloved.

His name is Jesus!


Elizabeth Correia (Ms.Deva)


  1. Oh Liz this is very touching and i thought you were talking about a man at first forr real but i guess that was the whole point.