Saturday, November 13, 2010

JoyeRide Chat Group

JoyeRide Is Launching
Real Talk For Real People
Chat Group

What is JoyeRide?

JoyeRide is the start of an amazing project my partner Ernie and i have started. This vision was born a couple of years ago and nursed for some time now.

Our desire to start this group came from wanting to start a panel where individuals can speak the "Real Raw Truth" despite what was being discussed.

We have designed this group for people with a real story. Whether we are discussing relationships, careers, spirituality/religion, politics, visiting a museum or orphanage, out time together will be fulfilling and empowering.

No hidden agendas. Come as YOU ARE!

Let's discover the TRUTH about ourselves and the world we live in.

This will take place on a monthly basis. Each month end.
Our launch date is TUESDAY JANUARY 25 2011 at 7pm

We will be serving light snacks and beverages to keep you all from getting to hungry to focus lol.

THESE SESSIONS WILL BE FILMED for a project Ernie and i are currently working hard on :-)

My people it is time for us to stop the lies in our lives and the lies we have created about others through our filters.

If you are ready for "change" come out and join us.

Please RSVP at


Liz & Ernie

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