Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Who Do You Pray For?

Last night while Captain and i laid in bed and said our prayers, i realized something amazing; he never forgets anyone while praying. This is why our prayers take a longgggg time (lol). Not only does he do that, but he explains what he is praying for. For example, "I pray for Dinga (my sister) that her boo boo on her arm will go away fast.....i pray for Ms.Barnes that she will always be a good teacher......i pray for mommy that you will always be nice to me and that your car will always work (lol).....i pray for Titi Soni (my brother).......and it goes on and on."

I had an aha moment last night when i realized how much time we take to pray. It's not how long you take to pray that counts, but what and who you are praying about. What are you saying? Do you remember the crossing guard? Or all your friends? Their children? How about your neighbors? Or your pastor and his wife? Your parents (i sure hope so) Your siblings, their souses and kids. Your aunts or uncles in another country. The homeless. The thousands of people living in poverty or the ones who did not have a meal to eat for days. Are you thanking God for what you HAVE? Instead of asking for more.

Shelter. Food. Clothes on our backs. Our health. Our job. Education. Your eye site. Legs. Arms. Or a bed to sleep on. Milk for the kids. Your car. Or the buses that you have access too. The sun. Rain. Snow...instead of complaining about it. Your business. Your boss; are you praying for him / her? Gran-parents. But above all, your kids? What are you praying for when it comes to them? Tonight, i ask you to take a few moments while praying and pray diligently. Don't rush. Because remember God sees and hears you. I mean, isn't that why and who you are praying too?

We must spend more time in our prayers. You don't have to scream or yell or do what you may see others do....just humble your self and think about what you are praying for and about. Focus on your prayers. Wait and listen for Gods voice. He is there.

Today i thank God  EVERYTHING he has given me and everything he has taken from me. Even when things seem to hurt you and you don't understand why??? Remember if you are a child of God (which we all are) then isnt that His job, to protect you? Ok, so don't argue with Him regarding loosing someone or something. He is a perfect God.

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