Friday, November 11, 2011

I'm Praying and Fasting for DIRECTION!

When i woke up this morning, my plan was not to fast this weekend. I have not fasted in awhile. But then my good friend Vanessa called and put it in my heart that i must pray and fast this weekend. The funny thing was it was on my heart to fast but i ignored it. Baddd Liz. That is when we get into trouble. When we don't listen to Gods voice or for those of you who are not spiritual, it would be your gut (trust me that's God).

I know today a lot of people do not fast. I find the longer they have been in church, the longer they go without fasting. Let me tell you fasting is more important now then EVER! Look around you. Our world is falling apart. Destruction is everywhere. Fasting and praying are appropriate for all believers of all ages throughout all centuries every part of the world. I believe through the years that most churches have not taught "fasting and prayer" therefore many people don't do it....anymore.

If you want a breakthrough in your life, then FAST and prayer. Trust me.
I found this article while researching "fasting" online today. I will quote a part i found to be so true.

"That breakthrough might be in the realm of the spirit. It may be in the realm of your emotions or personal habits. It may be in the realm of a very practical area of life, such as a relationship or finances. What I have seen repeatedly through the years-not only in the Scriptures but in countless personal stories that others have told me -- is that periods of fasting and prayer produce great spiritual results, many of which fall into the realm of a breakthrough. What wasn't a reality . . . suddenly was. What hadn't worked . . . suddenly did. The unwanted situation or object that was there . . . suddenly wasn't there. The relationship that was unloving . . . suddenly was loving. The job that hadn't materialized . . . suddenly did.
The very simple and direct conclusions I draw are these: First, if the Bible teaches us to do something, I want to do it. I want to obey the Lord in every way that He commands me to obey Him. And second, if fasting and praying are means to a breakthrough that God has for me, I want to undertake those disciplines so I might experience that breakthrough!
Every person I know needs a breakthrough in some area of his or her life. I am no exception. I need breakthroughs all the time -- it may be a breakthrough in understand a situation, a breakthrough answer to a problem, a breakthrough idea, a breakthrough insight, a breakthrough in financial or material provision, a breakthrough in health. If you have any need in your life, you need a breakthrough from God to meet that need! Fasting and prayer break the yoke of bondage and bring about a release of God's presence, power, and provision." By
Do you ever notice when you eat a meal it's hard to pray after. You feel either lazy or like you don't want to do anything, much less pray. When you are lifting up the Lord in prayer, there is a certain power in your words. When you are speaking it out loud through your lips, there is power in that. We have more strength spiritually when we are on an empty stomach.

Think of it this way...what did Eve use to entice Adam? FOOD!

Pray for me as i pray for you. Today, I'm praying for DIRECTION this weekend. In my life. Career, family and my ministry.

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