Monday, November 21, 2011

Don't Worry Yourself Sick - Literally!

I had a wonderful weekend. Church was probably the highlight of it all. The pastor spoke about stress and what it does to our bodies and mind. He mentioned that it is one of the leading causes of many diseases and sicknesses in the world. I thank God for this man in my life. he is truly a disciple, a teacher...a prophet.

I truly believe that is true and when i got home, i researched it and YES it is in fact the truth. We may not feel like "our worries and stress" will give us cancer at some point, but it will. I mean there are so many other diseases, even the ones we think are minor ones; like high blood pressure. I don't take any of it lightly. Awhile back my iron was very low. At first i was like "Oh Dr. why is that?" Like HELLLOOO....of course it was low. I was not eating right at all and was not talking my iron vitamins, as i use too. But above all, i was stressed. Although i didn't feel stressed, i was. We don't always feel it because we are so busy going going going....Not eating well and stress trouble. Look around you. Do the math.

Everyone i know who was under stress or did not eat and live right got sick at some point. The bible talks about the way we should be eating. God never intended on his children to eat McDonald's, cookies, cakes, fried foods and the list goes on. He wants us to eat fruits, veggies, fish etc. Food that will do our mind and body good.

Look, I'm one to talk. I need to stop the sweet tooth cravings too. I tend to go up and down a lot. But i need to stay faithful to what i know God wants me to do.

What is the point of stressing or worrying? What difference will it make? Most of us stress over finances (i know the feeling), but there is nothing we can do. I just got another job to help out my issues a bit. Some people work 2, 3 and even 4 jobs. I know this is going to be hard for me with school starting in Jan but i got to do it. I'm looking at the bigger picture here. If Captain (my 3 year old) is going to be in sports all the time; then i need money. We have bills, food, mortgage/rent, gas, personal expenses, insurance; life and car...and it goes on. We have to pay to LIVE! If it means we get a couple jobs, so be it. Complaining only adds to the problem. Believe me, i KNOW! Complaining is like poison. Only it is a slow killer. It drains us and makes us ugly and weak. I don't know about you, but I'm NOT WEAK, so the feeling of it does not do well within me (lol). We need to lift up our heads, smile and trust that God has it all under control.

From this day forth, NO MORE STRESS or worrying for me. I want to live to see my kids and  grand kids get married.

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