Saturday, January 5, 2013

Commit Yourself

Think of a time you had to make a change that was so hard to make. Until one day WHAM! You said, "that's it. No more." Well, I can definitely relate.

I do not make resolutions because I personally believe everyday is a new day and a new change to make it right to be a new me. But one thing I am determined to do this year is change. Transform - My thoughts. My actions. My words. My health and my focus.

I know that whatever my focus is on, is what is going to happen. If I am focused on failing, I will fail. But if I focus on winning, I will win! I challenge you to get clear on what you want to create in your life (going forward). Clarity is power. When we condition our brain and show it where to go, it goes!

I am challenging myself for the next 90 days to get a clear and compelling vision of what I want. I am excited about what I want to create for my life and my family. What I focus on will create the pattern of my life. Period. This is why I do not watch drama reality TV shows. This is why I am careful with the friends I keep or the books I read.


I was challenged to write out an Ultimate Life Plan this week and let me tell you, it was not easy. I could not believe how hard it was for me to dream BIG! I realized fear has had me crippled in areas of my life I did not think existed. This is why we have got to identify it and attack it.

Commit yourself to condition your mind for constant and never ending fulfillment. Stop the pity parties. I have sad feeling and memories too, but I don't live in that feeling. I feel it, deal with it and then let it go. It is not that I am stronger than you. We all have the capability to do this. The only monster you are fighting is YOU!

We have the capacity to change our state. A hero is the state of mind. It is a choice we have all been given for free. Raise your standards. In all areas of your life. Friendships, relationships, your spirituality, your career, your finances.

The point in which change happens is a DECISION! Decision is when you cut off something other than what your committing too.

Love, Lizzy

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  1. Thank you Liz. I needed to hear this. I am always putting things off and worrying about things I can't change. Maria.