Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wisdom, Skill and Favor

The bible tells us that the Lord gave Daniel favor (compassion and loving kindness)in putting him in the position to become chief governor of Babylon - the world's greatest power at that time. What was the key to Daniel's success? Well, the more i read the book of Daniel, I understand that it was Daniel's commitment to follow God with his whole heart and he refused to compromise and a result, God gave him wisdom, skill and favor.

God, I pray that You would give me knowledge, skill, and understanding in all the things I need to know - Daniel 1:17

Daniel also tells us that "God changes the times and the seasons." This is not only true in the natural world, but in our lives. His timing and His ways are always perfect. But we must fully trust Him to bring the changes we need on His time. He is doing a work is us so I encourage you to cooperate with the changes He brings. He will be glad we did. You see, we say we trust God, but how can we trust someone we barely know? I mean, would you trust a man or woman you met yesterday or just started courting? NO. You first get to know that person, study that person and spend time with that person. Well, doesn't the same go for God? If we truly trusted God, we would not question our lives at all.

Our God is an excellent God and He has called us to be excellent too. To be excellent is a decision we must make, and it means we should always go the extra mile to do things the very best way they can be done. And, we should strive to do what we believe God would do in a situation similar to the one we are in.

I am making a decision today to be excellent. Will you join me?

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