Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Back In My "Playground"

As some of you may know I have been collecting Socks for our Street Projects Ministry (for the homeless), for the past couple of months. This outreach drive will continue annually during the winter months. We will still collect blankets and coats of course, but we have added Socks because ...well I probably don't have to explain why :-)

Because of your donations we were able to collect over 300 hundred pairs of socks in just a few weeks and so we decided to go downtown a few times from now until March end. There are still plenty of socks to be donated and we will have enough to make a few trips. Our special friends downtown are cold and we have got to make a difference.

I have a special attachment to the souls downtown because exactly where we get out of our cars and minister to these souls by just being present sometimes, is where I grew up (born and raised) and it is also where I myself got caught up in the street life.

This past Sunday I along with SP volunteers parked our cars in front of the shelter at Sherbourne and Queen and with love we gave away socks and gave our time freely and willingly.

As i normally do, I looked around me realizing in an instant moment that I could have been living their exact lifestyle had i not found God. That was the exact corner I stood and sold drugs. That was the exact corner I hung out at times packing a gun for my "boyfriend" who walked up and down hustling drugs. That was the same corner we hung out at drinking and smoking weed. And every time I go back down to my "playground" it humbles me even more and opens up my eyes to exactly what God took me out of.

I had and have never done drugs, yet I sold them for almost 10 years. So really had I not escaped that "playground" maybe I would have eventually tried drugs. Until the day God removes me from this temporary place, I will commit myself to Street Ministry. If my spiritual mother did not obey God in saving my soul, where would I be today? So even if it is one soul a year I can bring to Christ, I am committed.

What is going on in YOUR playground? Whatever it is, I know a man who is ABLE to heal your pain and He is able to turn your pain into your PURPOSE!

I am a living testimony my friends.

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