Friday, March 23, 2012

She - My PIXX on Trend Setters!

As i was browsing through many different "Fashion Blogs" i realized that there is only one kind of fashionista i LUV; An original! 

What do i mean by this? Well, i highly admire a woman, of any age, who creates her own "look. SHE wakes up in the mornings and puts together an outfit based on what "SHE" likes. Not what the media likes or what her friends are wearing but what SHE wants. A woman who is not afraid of colors; brights, retro or neon, SHE will rock it! A woman who plays around with hair accessories and takes chances that most won't. SHE has no specific style but dresses according to her mood or where she will be for that day / time and who SHE will be with.

I, personally am that woman. Yes, i admire a variety of women for their fashion sense and take ideas out of their PIXX but i do what i want out of that PIX. So if i see a BEAUTIFUL pair of shoes on the shelf that i have already seen a friend wear or celebrity, i will wear them differently because I AM DIFFERENT / UNIQUE. My style won't be her style. Vice versa. I have never seen a duplicate of ME in regards to my "personal look"

Liz does what Liz wants to do and breaks all the fashion rules. Hhhmm i didn't know there were any but some, there may be. Oh wait, yes i have one; No big bold ear rings with big bold chains. Stick to no ear rings with bold chain or small studs matching the chain. Remember, Small!

Ok so her i have chosen a few of MY PIXX for the month. I will attach their blog sites and also "her" name for your review. Enjoy. SHE'S HOTT!

Ladies, this woman ROCKS! "It’s one thing for us to point at the runways, drool over the lookbooks, and pick off the shelves of our favorite boutiques, but more importantly, we as fashion-minded people need to share ourselves more." Folake Kuye Huntoon
Log onto her site and enjoy her. SHE is my #1 PIX

Lil' Janet - I use to call her. This woman never seemed to surprise me, fashion wise. SHE is UNIQUE and does what SHE desires to do; with her wardrobe. What a gal. Check out her site and visit her store downtown Toronto.

Ok those are my two PIXX for the week. Stay tuned as i will be posting more on "Fashion Blogs" 
I chose these two ladies, because they are regular women like you and i. Not celebrities or any of the above. Just beautiful women in LUV with fashion.

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