Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My New Secret

5:57 pm Wed March 7'12 (Starbucks Meeting)

Recently, i have been approached by women, young and older, asking, "What do you use on your skin ...what kind of make-up do you you have on foundation or just blush?"

Although i would like to think i had average looking skin prior to my surgery, it has definitely improved. Too often i blamed the occasional monthly break outs on "that time of the month." I truly believed that it had everything to do with that. The break outs were small but none -the-less, they were bothersome and in the way!

I spent many nights and too much time complaining with my friend Snoopy, about the "new" product i was using and how it gave me 3 pimples or dry skin or oily skin etc Snoopy and i can proudly say that for the most part, in the past 15 years, we have tried to stick to natural products. Were they always all natural? No. We have dabbled with most of all the high end products, none of which worked, and only found comfort and satisfaction in most of the lower end ones. Now, which products did we find most suitable for our skin, providing greater results? Well, i will name the 2 that worked best for me; Emu Oil and Vitamin E (Jameson)

However, none of these products prevented the small breakouts entirely. Not even the dryness. Considering they are both oil based.

As many of you know, i had brain surgery recently and have been put on a pretty clean diet. Today, if i could stand on a tower and tell the world what to do for beautiful healthy skin, that is what i would be doing. Instead of typing away lol. I no longer use the thick Vitamin E oil from Jameson or the Emu Oil. I have not had ONE breakout in just over 2 months and my skin blemishes have vanished.

 How long have i been blessed with this? Since days after surgery.

Was it the anesthesia or morphine? Most definitely not. Is it because the tumor has been removed? Uuum no lol. Was it the dilantin or one of the other MANY antibiotics i was taking? No.Then what was it?

Well, tune in tonight as i answer this question and temp to show you a LIVE demonstration of what My New Secret is... I will show you step by step what it is that i do and have been doing on a daily basis as well as "before bed time" since Dec 27th. Besides spending a lot of quality time reading, studying, planning and at home with the boys; laughing until my belly cramps. Love it.

Yes, the healthy eating and juicing twice a day has defiantly made a difference. But the trick here is, what i am eating, i am also applying to my skin. Huuuhhh? Your confused huh? I was i. At first.

See you later tonight :-)

Sealed with LOVE

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