Friday, March 9, 2012

It's Time To Make The Change!

Good morning readers. I hope you are up smiling and ready for this beautiful sunny day. I woke up to the sun beaming through my window and in my eyes :-) This is why i do not have dark curtains covering my juliet balcony in my room. I LOVE the bright mornings.

Well, today should be an interesting day. I started the Liver Cleanse procedure yesterday evening with the "zapping machine" yeahhh the one that kills off all the dead pesticides in our stomach and body :-( ewww i can't believe they live in us. Gross. I will def not be looking in the toilet. I can't eat after 2 pm and i will have to be home near by my bathroom by late this evening lol.

This "healthy lifestyle" journey has been exciting and new for me. Even my workouts feel different and i am seeing the results rather quickly. But above all, i feel so amazing. So amazing. Inside and out. Prior to my surgery i did not care much for the inside. Today, the inside is THE most important. In caring for the inside, i have lost quite a bit of weight. However, that was not my intention, as i would like t to think my weight was fine the way it was. However, i guess my body said, "well there is a lot of fat, toxins and yeast in here, so it's got to go." The weight i lost was "garbage anyway."

It's time guys! Make the change now. Don't wait until there is bad news like i did. God gave me a "second chance" to do it right, but please keep in mind that more then 75% of people who get rushed into emergency with a large hemorrhaging tumor, DO NOT make it out of the surgery alive. So i consider it God alone. I am one lucky kid :-)

Let's get it together people. For ourselves, our children, our families, co-workers and friends.It is not hard. It should be the ONLY way.


Sealed with LOVE

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