Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Yesterday Tyra revealed the realness of her hair; no tracks or laces. We all know Tyra is famous for her weaves and lace fronts, and openly admits to wearing them (unlike most celebrities). She looks great, and the D.E.V.A ladies applaud her for breaking down barriers, and encouraging women to love themselves. She's a True D.E.V.A!

As India Arie said, "I am NOT my hair". We as women define who we are by our clothes, hair, luxury cars and coach bags - but we are so much more! Character counts.

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  1. Say what you would like about Tyra....but at the end of the day what i admire most about this woman is she is real. I do not always support "who" she supports but she is a beautiful woman with an amazing heart and loves to speak the truth!