Saturday, September 19, 2009

D.E.V.A Day Addition: Miss MyMy


We are proud to announce the following additions to the D.E.V.A Day Brunch: Miss MyMy, Mary Kay, Arbonne, Tingling Counseling Services and Pink Lady Mobile Spa!'s going to be an amazing event!

We meet the owner of Miss MyMy, Miss Maya King, on Tuesday. From the moment we walked in we thought, WOW, such an amazing space. The showroom was adorned in all white paint and furniture, a private salon area for clients, and life size canvases of Miss MyMy herself.

Miss MyMy specializes in Organic Hair and uses her own shampoos, conditioners and serums. For all the Cityline lovers, Tracey Moore is wearing hair from Miss MyMy! I said to myself the other day, "wow, Tracey's hair looks real good."

Before we left, we were given samples of My's Skin Care Exfoliating Fluid - made up of mostly water, the fluid includes all the necessary ingredients for a gentle, yet effective exfoliation: Glycolic, AHA and Lactic acids. So far, an amazing product. We will post our results (yes, photos of us with no make up!) each day, so please stay tuned for that.

For all our toronto visitors, Miss MyMy is located on 19 Jutland road in Etobicoke. For more information on Miss MyMy and her products/services, please visit:

Stay Fabulous!
Liz & Vanessa

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