Monday, October 27, 2014

My Love Letter

Have you ever written a love letter?

Ok, so maybe it's been a long time since you've written one but I am sure even if it was in grade school or high school, at some point you've written a love letter to a boyfriend or a crush. Maybe even your husband.

Now, I know this might sound frivolous or even challenging, but I am daring you to write YOURSELF a love letter. If being loving to yourself doesn't come easily, imagine a secret admirer is writing this to you. Or your mom, dad, best friend. What might they say to and about you? Something that would make you smile in return.

Loving yourself clears the way for others to love you and make you see what real love feels and looks like.

When you are finished with this letter, I invite you to post it somewhere you can see and read it everyday for 2 weeks or forever; as a reminder of who you truly are, what your purpose in life may be, what you deserve, all that you have overcome and survived, the difference you make in this world, the wonderful friends you currently have, all the things you are determined to accomplish and how much of a brave girl you were to walk away from toxic things and people in your life.

Now I will let you into my life a little and share with you:

My Love Letter:

Dear Elizabeth,

Wow it's been 39 years since I've known you and I must tell you, I think you are a pretty awesome chic! Like seriously I hope you know just how wonderful you are.

I think it's phenomenal that you enjoy spending quality time with your sons, family and friends. I just love how you spend your time on a day to day basis. I love how you got so hooked to reading from an early age and have self educated yourself on so many different aspects of life. As a young girl your favorite thing to do was read and write and although you dropped out of high school in grade 10, you never gave up those 2 things and you were always determined to go back. And you did!

I adore that you have such a youthful heart and you can be so silly at times. I also love your realness. You're bold and you've never been afraid to speak your mind. Geeze, I don't think I've ever even seen you get intimidated by anyone. Not in a boardroom or the streets.

Yes, ok, we all know how cute you are, but I must say, you have protected your mind, heart and body in the last 5 years and high five to you Lizzy. You see your body as a living temple and you know who's it is. You weren't always protective with it growing up in your adolescence and gave yourself away to the wrong men, BUT you found Christ and that all turned around. Without God, you KNOW it wouldn't be as easy to keep yourself from the wolves! I think it's so fly that you will NOT ever settle for a man (again) who doesn't KNOW God. It's absolutely so awesome that it's the FIRST thing you look for in a man / partner and if he doesn't love and serve God, you don't even look or think twice. I especially appreciate the strength of your commitment in turning every aspect of your life around in regards to choosing a lifetime partner. I love how you love yourself. Because you're simply perfect the way you are and you have so much to offer a relationship. Wisdom and knowledge- above all things. Oh by the way, remember God told you He was sending THE ONE, when you are right where He needs you to be- in your purpose :-) (told you so).

Your brain! Let's talk about how smart and wise you are. I respect that you have a strong opinion about purpose and destiny and how street smart you are as well. Because you know without that, you've would've fallen even deeper. I love that you never want to forget where you came from because it's what humbles you every day. You know who you are Lizzy. You know who's you are. You are confident with what you have to offer this world and what your calling is. And that my dear, rocks!

You are more than just a survivor. You are a leader! You are a walking testimony!

Mama I just want to thank you for letting go and forgiving. Forgiving yourself FIRST and for seeing those who have hurt you in the past as children of God. Thank you for loving them. Thank you for seeing the spirit behind their actions and not the person. It takes a courageous woman to do what you have done. To embrace them. Like how amazing of you. You're a great example to girls and women all over the world of what a free loving spirit looks like. An example to everyone that their current circumstances does NOT determine their final destination.

You've accomplished so much but I love how unsatisfied you still are. You want to do so much and yes yes you can get a little too busy at times but I've noticed you take less on your plate lately and are more focused on your true purpose; leading and empowering young women / youth. Because THAT is your calling Miss!

You've got great plans and BIG ideas and I believe that Gods Will- will come to pass in your life. After all, He called you- so He WILL prepare and provide you with all the necessary tools.

Ugggg has He failed you yet??? NOOO!!! And never will!


I love how much you love God. I love how often you speak to Him and ask Him for His guidance. I love how since the surgery, there isn't a day you wake up and praise His name. I love how you've allowed Him to do spiritual surgery on you- at the same time while the doctor's performed the brain surgery. Thank you for choosing Him as the man of your life. Thank you for seeing Him as your father, after your own earthly father abused and hurt you baddd. Because even though you've felt so unworthy of love and affection, you opened up and allowed Him to do what He does best, LOVE you. Now that you know real love, you are ready to LOVE!

I love you girl. Always and forever! You're my superstar!

Love, Elizabeth Correia

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