Sunday, November 23, 2014

What Is the Foundation of Your Relationship?

What is your relationship rooted in? Is it lust? Pain? Past baggage? Or is God at the center of it? 

This weekend my Pastor is teaching at his Relationship Conference on 'Healthy God Focused Relationships' for married and single men and woman. I tell you this, I am sitting here still in awww. I am going to include some of what he has been sharing with us the past couple days. 

The Kingdom of God is past, present and future.

As a single person, you're an ambassador for Christ. As a married woman or man, this is suppose to continue. You're still a single person in God.

Once we give ourselves to the Holy Spirit, we will live the lives we're supposed to live.

The world's #1 cry is justice and peace. But in the kingdom of God- it's a given.

Your relationship must be governed by the Kingdom. Please don't confuse this with Jehovah's Witness. That is not the Kingdom I am talking about. This is not religion. I am talking about The Kingdom of God.

You are not in a relationship with God. You're In God and He is in you. You can easily walk away from a relationship. You can say, "Oh I am not in love anymore and walk away. Or people cheat in relationships. God doesn't want us to be in relationship with Him because He knows humans are emotional and today you may wake up and decide you don't 'feel' like being in a relationship with God anymore or for a He wants to be in us. Live IN us.

Relationship have a secret. God holds that secret and so a relationship grounded in Gods word is a healthy relationship because they've unlocked the secret.

The world is searching for something in their sex life. So they go over to the dark side to stir up excitement in their relationships and start messing around with sex toys and tools; doing all kind of sick things to bring pleasure into their relationships. This is in the church too. When God is at the center of your relationship, you don't need to go over to the dark side for excitement in the bedroom with your spouse. Everyday in the bedroom will be like a new day- when God is at the root of that relationship.

Proverbs 19:21

You can make many plans for your life, but it's Gods plan / purpose that shall prevail.

To everything there is a season.

God created sex and created it with a divine season. The season sets a platform for the purpose to manifest.

Seasons allow purpose to manifest itself. Everything has a purpose. Your relationship must have a purpose or it's no relationship at all. 

What is the purpose of the relationship you're in?

Revelation 4:11

You are worthy oh Lord to receive glory and power, for you have created all things, and for your purpose they are and were created.

Everything in your life is suppose to represent God.

In the world (outside of God), people are people and their relationships are all the same. Whether it's Tom, Jim or Jane. It's dead works. God doesn't get any glory out of these relationships. 

A child of God doesn't live from anything that's coming from the world. 

A man who masters the temptations of his body will manifests purpose in is life. Ladies, go after this kind of man. If a man lives to masturbate, he is entertaining his demons. He will struggle to live a life that glorifies God.

Our lifestyle is what displays the Kingdom of God. Not our looks or the way we dress.

Anything that God gives to us He does so to receive glory. If God gives you a man / woman- if its truly Him that gave you that person, than that relationship WILL give God glory.

Sin makes a man a coward. When sin is dominant in your life, you want to run from God.

A man who doesn't love God cannot love his wife. Nope. He doesn't even know what true love is until he finds that in God. The world's way of love and Gods way are 2 totally different loves. True love is Gods love. This is the love we need to be seeking after.


Each individual  must know who they are coming into a relationship or it will NOT work.

I don't want to make this any longer. I just felt a deep desire to share this with some of you who won't have a chance to be there tonight for the last day of the conference.

I trust this somehow empowered you.

Love, Lizzy


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