Thursday, September 11, 2014

Check Your Attitude!

I totally qualify to speak or write on this topic because I tell you, I struggled for years with a bad attitude. The worst part was that I thought there were valid reasons for my attitude. But I am here to tell you that there is NEVER good enough reason for it. Never.

For years, I made up many excuses that I felt were valid- for my bad attitude. Because of it, I lived my life making very poor choices and I became a 'runner' as my sister calls it. I was quick to snap and walk away and I was even faster at cutting someone off because things didn't go MY way. I believe my teachers got it the worst.

It's evident when a woman / girl doesn't love, trust and believe in herself. It will show in her attitude. That was me.

Your attitude affects your emotions, your health and your mindset. Some of us have so much of this poor attitude that it becomes extremely challenging when we get into a situation that actually requires us to have a good attitude #foodforthought

There are adults, mentors, teachers, counselors, pastors and people in your life that want nothing but good for you. Their there to encourage you. They believe in your gifts and they want nothing more than to see you excel. But you still see them as the enemy; mostly because they correct you. Most of us have become so familiar with struggle and pain, we forget what 'love' really looks like.

This message may be for you or someone you know and in that case please forward this post to them.

Don't allow your attitude to destroy your potential in doing something great with your life. It will block your blessings and it will prevent people of purpose to want to be in your space. Attitude brings on drama. Drama is ugly!


You don't even have to speak in order for others to see your attitude. Your body language says it all. Cut it out today! Bring your walls down and be vulnerable- yet use wisdom.

I am not asking you to be the best. I am asking you to be YOUR best. I am still on that journey and it feels great. I've come a long way but I've got a ways to go. I don't care what your story or background is, we all have the opportunity to kick our attitudes out the door. We will always face things we don't want to go through. Things will happen and you'll want to go back to your 'old' attitude and just quit. But quitting should NEVER be an option.

I challenge you today, to search within to the areas you have the most attitude; could be at home with your parents or partner, teachers, co-workers, church members or with your kids and really study your 'why'

Love, Lizzy

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  1. Omg! You are awesome!
    Thank you for sharing
    You got some big shoes and God is filling them up fast with a great body. . Extraordinary smartness and a warm heart
    Keep rocking xoxoxo