Thursday, October 3, 2013

Words from Lizzy

You are powerful BEYOND measure!

You are NOT a victim, you're a survivor

You have goodness and greatness in YOU

Don't settle

Don't be - just ordinary

You matter because you are here - PERIOD!

You must have faith. You MUST believe

Giving up is NOT an option

Blending in - is not an option

Nobody can do it the way YOU can

Will you fail? YES. Will you succeed? Most definitely!

Transformation is a journey- one that takes time

Don't look back

Don't complain

Control your feelings

Take control

Accept yourself as you are right NOW- before the NEW YOU exists

You are always unfolding

Create new thoughts patterns

Give yourself a chance

Run from what is NOT good and run to what IS good

Watch your words- words have incredible POWER

Think before you speak


Make peace with your past

Let go of resentments

Schedule alone time and don't cancel on yourself

Walk and talk with a purpose

Love and love HARD

Think thoughts of gratitude, joy, abundance and good memories

Make friends

Be a friend

Be grateful. Be kind

Be vulnerable BUT use wisdom

Learn- Be a student


Free yourself. Love yourself

You got a dream?? Protect it

God sees you. He hears each tear you cry.

He knows you by your name

You WILL heal. You WILL be restored

There's no test without a testimony

Believe and BE STILL

Like a butterfly, walk in beauty, always leaving a trail of light behind you, and like a butterfly, you too will KNOW VICTORY.

Believe In The Deva In You!
The Divine, Exalted, Victorious and Angelic in YOU!
Eat and live with a purpose

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