Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I Know He is the Man for ME!

What makes Him the right man?
Well, FIRST off He has known me my entire life and loves me deeply- this I know. He is a lover, not a fighter. He is gentle not harsh. He eases my pain not causes it. He's farrrr from evil. He is LOVE not hate. He is so easy to get along with. He doesn't ask much of me-but to just BE. He doesn't lie. He is the Truth. He has never asked me to do something that would destroy me. He gives me the freedom to choose. When the world turned me down and gave up on me, He was there through every second of it all.
He doesn't expect me to be perfect but sees me as such. He loves my imperfections and is always there encouraging me towards my purpose.  Although He is always the first to correct me; he does so with love. He doesn't expect me to be skinny, He just wants me to be healthy. He obviously doesn't want me sleeping around with some dude because He wants me all for Himself and wants the BEST for me. He expects me to wait for the best. Sex is NOT on His mind, all He wants to do is hold me and love me. He wakes up beside me every morning and tells me I'm beautiful. I sing sweet words of worship to Him as I feel His presence with me wherever I go.  His only desire is that I go to sleep every night with him on my mind.
All He wants to do is eat with me, walk with me, travel with me and in all I do he wants me to acknowledge Him. He doesn't ask for much- really.
Yes He is jealous and doesn't want me giving anyone or anything more attention than I give Him. He is protective and defends ALL my battles...ohhh boyyy does He ever :-) He expects me to be a lady and leave certain things to Him. He wants me to educate myself and be who He knows I have been chosen to be. He sees my destiny and encourages me to believe in it. He desires deeply for me to be faithful to him-always.
He constantly reminds me, "My Lizzy there are people in your life that will be there forever-as long as you are alive here on earth, that you will have to forgive over and over and over again. Not just once. Because they are apart of your life in some way, I expect you to continue to forgive them as I continue to forgive you." He humbles me-truly.
He does not chase me for He is confident in the man that He is and knows that I need Him.
He has given me the to keys to His Kingdom so that I may live a life of riches, royalty, simplicity, love and peace and a life free of from pain, lust, darkness and greed.
But above all of this, He did something that no other man would do; He died for ME!!!!
Mannn I tell you, He is the Man for ME!

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