Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Your Chiildren Will Do What YOU Do!

Yes, that's right. If you have a hot temper, more than likely, your children will have one too. Now that's not in all cases, but the majority.

Kids sit back in silence and watch everything we do. They watch to see how we handle stress. They watch to see how we interact and respect our friends. They listen in on our business and personal phone chats. They will even eat what we eat. So if you sit back and eat chocolate bars while watching movies, they will do the same. They are extremely observant and soak it all in like sponges.

There are time when I am out and about and my little Captain will repeat something to me that I may have shared during a phone conversation with a friend. It totally throws me off guard because I usually have my chats away from the kids. I don't spend much time at all on the phone outside of business, however it's those couple times he over hears me.

What led me to write this post today?

A couple of days ago, Captain and I went grocery shopping at The Superstore and I noticed he had a candy in his mouth and I asked, "Captain where did you get that candy from?" He replied, "the bin over there" confident that it was perfectly fine to take the candy from the bin. I stood there speechless because I am at fault for doing the same. So I said to him, "Captain you can't do that sweetie we have to pay for them first" Well well well his smart and accurate reply was, "but mom you do it too." OMGoodness. The rest was history.
Modeling appropriate behavior is an important part of discipline. Even when we think they aren't aware of what we're doing, they ARE! If we act in a way that we want our kids to act, they’ll learn just from watching us. We've got to be the person we want our children to be.

It doesn't take rocket science to know this is truth. How many times have you seen your daughters or little girls (period) putting on their mother's high heal shoes and if given the freedom to do so, they even put lipstick on their lips and nail polish on their nails. You will also see boys imitating their father's habits by hammering things all over the house with their tool box. They will even pretend to shave to be just like their daddies. If you sit back and observe you will see many pieces of YOU in your children. Just hope they are the good pieces and not the bad.

Children know when we're doing something wrong. Even if they sit there in silence, they know it's wrong.


Love, Lizzy

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