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The POWER and BENEFITS In Ginger!

There are a few things I do NOT want to live without and one is definitely GINGER! OOOHH I love me some ginger. Even if I am making smoothies, I feel the need to throw in at least an inch of ginger in raw juicing??? Oh there are times I throw in a few inches; Yikes! So as I was browsing through websites stating the benefits of ginger, I decided to put together a little something for you.

So go ahead and spice up your life with a little bit of ginger ladies.

Ginger Tea: Health Benefits of Ginger Tea You Should Know
Ginger is one of the most widely used herbs in the world. Basically, Ginger is a perennial tuber or root. Ginger has a wide range of antioxidant properties. Ginger tea is a beverage in many countries which is made from ginger roots. But some extra ingredients like lemon, honey and orange can improve the quality of ginger tea. There are a lot number of Health benefits waiting for you in ginger tea. Here I will try to introduce you with all of these.
Some Medicinal Properties Ginger:

According to medial science there are huge medicinal properties of Ginger which are truly very essential. These are as below:

Circulatory stimulant Relaxes peripheral blood vessels Antitussive
Anti-emetic Antiseptic Expectorant
Antifungal Anticlotting agent Antiviral
Analgesic Hypotensive Anti-spasmodic
Anti-inflammatory Promotes sweating Anti-bacterial

Ginger Health Benefits:
It provides a huge number of health benefits. Theses are as bellows:

1. Reduces Motion Sickness:

It helps to get an effective remedy from nausea associated with motion sickness. It also prevents vomiting during long distance trips. Due to ginger’s anti-emetic properties, it is advised to drink one cup of ginger tea before traveling. It prevents nausea effectively.

2. Reduces Digestive Disorders:
It accelerates digestion process by contributing to stomach acids release. This herb can be used to address indigestion & flatulence.

3. Helps in Relieving Pain:
It has its own anti-inflammatory properties. Ginger tea can reduce different types of pain like arthritic pain, joint pain, muscle pain etc. Drinking a cup of tea daily can assist prevention of joint and muscle pain but also help with fatigue relief. Ginger tea has been used to relieve symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis and Raynaud's syndrome.

4. Fight Against Cold:

Drinking a cup of ginger tea can be good for you especially when you are suffering from common respiratory problems like cough and runny nose. This will loosen your phlegm and clear the respiratory system. It helps in permanent sneezing and hay fever. Its spreads a warm feeling throughout the body & makes you really fresh.

5. Reduces Diabetic Nephropathy:
Different studies show that 2 cup of Ginger tea daily can helps you to get ride from diabetic nephropathy.

6. Improves Immune System:
It strengthens immunity by the help of its anti-oxidant properties. Even one cup of tea a day helps reduce the potential risk of stroke, since ginger acts by breaking down fat deposits which block the arteries. Ginger also results in restoring cholesterol levels to normal and preventing cancer. It slows the growth of colorectal & ovarian cancer cells.
7. Reduces Menstrual Cramp:
In Chinese medicine, ginger tea with brown sugar is used in the treatment of menstrual cramp. Women suffering from severe menstrual cramp can use ginger tea as a hot compress. A towel saturated with the infusion must be placed on the belly, close to the position of uterus. This reduces the pain and loosens the muscles. It will give a soothing effect.

8. Reduces Morning Sickness:
Ginger is one of the best natural home remedies for morning sickness. Pregnant women basically suffer from morning sickness. So, it helps them to get relief from morning sickness.

9. Reduces Migraine Pain:

Ginger can be effective for stopping the onset of migraines. Take one-third of a teaspoon of fresh or powdered ginger at the first sign of a migraine. It may reduce your symptoms because ginger helps block prostaglandins, which are chemicals that cause inflammation in your blood vessels.
10. Maintains Regular Blood Circulation:
A cup of hot ginger tea helps to regulate blood flow normal. The minerals and amino acids included in ginger improve the circulation of erythrocytes. So that, the risk of cardiovascular diseases is minimized. It has a stimulating effect on the heart and circulation.

11. Reduces Stress Level:
A cup of ginger tea can change your mood dramatically. It leaves the feeling of freshness and tranquility for a long time. Its taste dispels all your sorrows and negative thoughts during a bad day. Ginger brew is also a great remedy for stressful moments.

12. Increases Fertility:
Ginger is believed to have aphrodisiac properties and if a man drinks ginger tea daily, then it can improve quality of sperm and boost male’s fertility. As per some studies, men taking ginger on a normal basis increase sperm count and activity in comparison to data before trying ginger supplements. It is thought to be useful for males who suffer from erectile dysfunction too.

So whether you are drinking ginger tea or juicing with ginger, the benefits cannot be ignored. It is raw and it is powerful!

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