Friday, August 9, 2013

Get Yourself In Alignment With Your Purpose

From the very beginning you were created to be amazing / good, and you are still good.

God created a purpose into your being. Do you believe that? Like truly? You have been born to fulfill that purpose in a way that only YOU can. There are talents and gifts in which you possess unlike those of any other person. And every experience supports your purpose.

All God wants and expects from us is to use our gifts and talents in order to bring out that purpose. It's not difficult at all because most of us know what those gifts are; deep down inside. Do you know that every single person you have met has played an important part in facilitating your understanding of your purpose? Well, for example, yes I was married and divorced, however instead of us looking at former partners as a negative experience, look at it for the growth and change it brought into your life. Getting married transformed my very being and getting divorced is what helped me to truly discover my purpose. I was like a caterpillar when I got married who transformed into a butterfly when I got divorced. Now obviously it doesn't always work that way for everyone, but that was my own personal experience. My former partner helped me to discover who I was and exactly what I wanted to create in my life. Through that relationship, I discovered my purpose. And for that, I am forever thankful and have no regrets. Besides when there are children involved, there should never be regrets. Because obviously your purpose was to also motherhood.

You have been influenced by your environment by such a degree that you have lost touch with the truth of yourself and your purpose - Iyanla Vanzant

Everything you need to guide you to recover your purpose is available to you because you are worthy of possessing it. Balancing your life, your heart and mind plays a very important role in bringing forth the gifts you already possess that will enable you to fulfill your purpose.

I have a primary purpose and a secondary. My primary (which is the same for us all) is to be in relationship with my Creator. My secondary is to mentor, counsel and empower youth at risk. Among a few others we won't go into here.

When I discovered what my true purpose was, which was while I was living in a shelter some time ago, I chose in that moment to fulfill that purpose no matter what obstacles were in my way. YOU must choose to live your purpose or you will NEVER be fulfilled.

I promise you, your experiences fits into your purpose. Start off by tapping into that area of your life. Ask yourself, "Why is this happening to me" and you will find the answers. Once you ask, listen for the response and yes believe what you hear in those moments.

Make today a day that you choose to align yourself with your purpose.

Love, Lizzy

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