Saturday, November 3, 2012

If You Can Vision It, You Can Attain It!

Yesterday was my last workshop session with the lovely young girls at Naki High School. Just footsteps away from where I witnessed my boyfriend (at the time) murdered when I was just 22 years old. Just two minutes away from Mount Olive Projects. A neighborhood that many people will never step foot into. Although it was my last class with these girls, it will not be my last day visiting with them. Each week as I drove home from our sessions, I realized more and more just how special these girls are to me and the two things I identify in them; myself and purpose.

I had the privilege to create vision boards with them yesterday, and each of them designed a beautiful piece to take home with them. They had never created one before and all I wanted was for them to vision their future and their ideal life. So off they went cutting, painting, drawing, pasting, gluing and visioning. It was an evening I will never forget and one that I documented in my diary.

Most people have never created a vision board and will never know the importance of it until they try it.

There are many things it helps with:
  • Focus
  • Ideas
  • Goals
  • Planning
  • Creativity
  • Vision

You may be like myself and often ask yourself questions like "Which road do I take?”or “Where do I want to go?” or "How do I want this event to look?"
Stop and take a minute to create for yourself a Vision Board for your blog, your brand and  your business, your goals or family.

One of the most affective reasons to create a vision board is because It gives us DIRECTION: Which we all need. A direction defines our character and our beliefs. Most importantly, you are creating this movement towards “something” that you want to achieve or accomplish. With regular focus on your Vision Board, you are orienting your body and brain to move and think in the direction you want it to go.I see it just as important as writing your ideas and goals down on paper. Only, it's created through art so it totally brings your inner vision to life. It is a time you get to spend alone (advised) with your own thoughts and creativity.

If you feel like you don't have a clue what to start pasting on your board, just gather a bunch of magazines together, and your creative thoughts will start flowing. You may even create a vision you thought was not attainable, until now.

Love Lizzy

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