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Hope and Purpose for Women and Youth At Risk

As a motivational speaker, author of 'If You Played In My Playground' (a memoir) and Founder of The D.e.v.a In You Group (a self development and counseling organization for women and youth at risk), I have had the privilege to speak and facilitate workshops at various High Schools, conferences and organizations, drawing strength from my story and own personal experiences.
December 26 2011, I survived a major brain surgery that nearly took my life but in the same breath it transformed my life and gave me complete understanding as to why I am still here; to make a difference in the lives of women and youth at risk who have lost hope or simply given up. There are many disfunctional obstacles that I have survived over the course of my life, and I believe that that it was not by accident. My only desire in this "new life" is to spend my time inspiring women and youth to heal and push themselves, strive to do more, be better and get ahead. As long as we are breathing, nothing is impossible.

As a workshop faciliator for women and youth at risk, I am currently developing a a self help workbook that will be offered to high schools and organizations as a book package (together with my memoir) in hopes to achieve funding in order to reach as many young people and women at risk as possible. I have met with school principals, teachers, libraries, counselors and community program coordinators who are also willing  to add the book package to the school libraries and their facilities, knowing and believing the impact it will have in the lives of the individuals in their communities and high schools in the GTA and Peel Region area.
As a self published author I am not able to give my books away for free as it is very expensive. I currently limit myself to giving away 2 books per workshop and it leaves a deep void in my heart knowing what my book will do for individuals struggling in their personal situations. I trust that you will help me make this project possible so that I can leave these individuals with a book package that will transform their lives forever.

The workbook is a self help journey through the many issues women and our young adults are facing today.

Workbook topics include:

  1. Understanding All of Me
  2. I am Worth It
  3. It's Just My Story
  4. Drama Free Living
  5. From Pain To Purpose
  6. My Playground
The workbook leads readers toward a life with hope and purpose through exercises and strategies for overcoming family and social obstacles. It is a survival guide to navigating themselves through challenging times and becoming leaders of their own future.

When I am out there presenting and speaking to women and youth at risk, there are two things i see and identify with; myself and potential.

What will they achieve from this book package?

They will be able to identify the similar situations that they are currently facing, and once they identify that, they are provided with a sense of hope in knowing that nothing is impossible.

My objective is to launch a book tour in the beginning of 2013. I will be traveling through high schools and communities;speaking and facilitating workshops where I will provide free book packages to young people and women at risk who are experiencing financial hardships are are unable to purchase the book package

Thank you kindly in advance for taking the time to review my idea / project. It brings great satisfaction to me knowing that there are funding options like this for individuals with BIG ideas that will impact their communities, but are unable to bring their ideas to life due to financial circumstances.

Cost of Printing:

$7.90 per book package (includes memoir and workbook)
700 book packages = $5,530

I have set my goal to $5,000 in hopes to raise more. If I do not raise enough I will put the funds that are raised towards printing a smaller amount of book packages. The books cost $5.90 each to print and each workbook is $2.00 at a total of $7.90 each wokbook package.

What Qualifies Elizabeth?
Recognized as an inspiration to women and youth from all walks of life, Elizabeth is no stranger to obstacles and adversity. A sexually abused child, in and out of foster care and the juvenile system, a witness to murder, survivor of domestic violence and a teen mother, Elizabeth’s enlightening spirit and determination to live life with purpose shines through her love for her  her family and community.

Her trials and tribulations have helped her to empower women and youth through her story, strength, courage and hope.

December 26 2011 Elizabeth survived a major brain surgery that nearly took her life. She is more determined than ever to shine her new-found “voice and light” into the lives of the many women and youth living in darkness.

Elizabeth's quest is to create awareness for people everywhere about the effects of emotional, physical and sexual abuse; providing them with hope that they are not alone in their struggles and life is a precious gift worth living.

I may not know you personally, but your contribution to this project would mean the world for me and the hundreds of youth and women I have the privilege to speak to through my workshops and speaking engagements. Even $10 will go a long way....Don't stop to think about it, make a difference today and be blessed.

Please log on and donate what you can here. 

If you have any questions please email me at

Love, Lizzy

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