Saturday, August 11, 2012

Rediscovering My Portuguese Culture

                                                       Viva Portugal

A few months ago i started working on a project that would give back to my Portuguese Culture / Community (something I have never done).
December 26, 2011 changed my life forever! After surviving brain surgery, and against all odds, coming out stronger than ever, I decided that I was going to go all the way with my purpose.
The project I have decided to start is a documentary, “Rediscovering My Portuguese Culture".
This is a personal journey for me that began at the age of 14. When I ran away from home. From my siblings, friends, and school. My community, values, language, the music, traditions and culture. But most of all my IDENTITY! (It took a lot for me to openly admit this). 
                                                               Portuguese Festival
I was put into foster care and a world where I discovered all other cultures but lost sight of mine.
Being that all my abusers were Portuguese, I decided to rebel against my own on a whole. I was beaten, hurt, internally broken and desperate to loose myself so that I could forget the pain. And I did. For many years. Only the memories were still there and it came back. When? The moment I woke up from surgery.
Wanting nothing to do with that little girl who I thought was bad, I completely lost myself and abandoned my identity. I escaped into a world where I was able to hide who I really was and where I could live a lie.
After surviving my surgery, I promised myself I would revisit my childhood and rediscover that little girl. Take back her purpose, passion - and most importantly - her IDENTITY!
                                                        Portuguese Sausage Making
This documentary has a bigger purpose then just ME. I am taking a Portuguese, teenage girl who has no direction and no sense of who she is along with me on this journey. She has also been abused and wants nothing to do with her culture. She will join me hand-in-hand as we film all aspects of the Portuguese culture and the beauty it holds. The traditions, lifestyle, food, music, language, history, festivals and much more. We will be interviewing families, leaders in the community, learning how to cook the traditional foods and baking (masa), speaking to business owners, filming artists and performances. 
                                               Portuguese Bread - Masa
                                                   Portuguese Sardinahs

I will use this opportunity to also share my personal story with her; how and where it all started for me. Together we will become grounded in our roots. This will also give me the chance to mentor her and let her draw strength from my experiences.
As you know, this project is going to cost a lot of money (pre and post-production, overall marketing, packaging, distributing, website etc). I am pitching the project on KICKSTARTER.COM the first week of September and MUST raise the awareness for funding from now until then when I click the "Launch project" button. I will then have between 30-60 days to raise the amount I pledge, which is $10,000.
I need you to please fund as little as $10 for this project and as high as you want. Just imagine if 200 people pledged $20? and this is not including angel investors or personal friends and family. I will also be seeking help from the Portuguese community. I will also be reaching our to Portuguese business owners, artists etc to be apart of the filming in exchange for their donation. We will be launching this documentary with the Toronto Film Festival as well :-)
The reason for this message is to find out if you will be willing to help me bring this project to life. I have done many things on my own but I CANNOT do this without you! Please respond here, inbox me or email me ( for details and answers to your questions.
Help me to be that voice that encourages the millions around the world to hold onto to who they truly are with no shame or guilt. This is the piece of the puzzle missing in my life and the lives of thousands out there.
                                                       Portugal Algarve

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