Saturday, July 28, 2012

What Kind of Relationships Are You Building?

What is Networking?

It is an ongoing pursuit requiring a commitment. A process. It will take time and consistency for you to achieve your networking goals. It is a two- way street. A relationship. You must be willing to help people and organizations more than they help you. It is an opportunity to transform and enhance your life. Yes it is a lot of time but also a lot of fun.

It is great to have a huge database of contacts however it is what you do with those contacts that speaks volumes.

Networking must be apart of your routine and not just an occasional activity.
Networking doesn't mean you should go and start schmoozing a room pushing sales on people at events. It is based on building relationships. It is not something you do "only" when you have extra time. If you are too busy for people than you are over worked or have a selfish view of your own importance.

Personally or professionally relationships take work and commitment.

Networking can benefit every professional and person on every career level  in every industry. It is critical for everyone. It also takes place in your life to prepare you for the future. Even as a student or a young teenager.

Networking is not only there to represent your employee, it is a representation of YOU! You are worth the investment.

Add genuine and unique value to your relationships. Add a personal and authentic touch by LISTENING! It is a priceless strength that will  leave a lasting impression on people. And you will also discover what is important to them. Take mental notes.

My message is; get out of your comfort zone and re-create who you were born to be.

I never understood the importance of networking until recently (3 years) but once I discovered how imperative it was for both my business and personal life.  I truly love meeting new people and discovering new paths and avenues that may enhance my life on all levels. It excites me to discover interesting things about people. Despite whether it becomes a business opportunity, there is always something to learn. You / I don't know "it all" as a matter of fact I don't know much. Learning is a "forever endless journey" and the more we interact with  people the more we grow!

So get out there and network. Build relationships. Don't be shy. Shyness is not of God. It is born out of fear.

Be blessed and hey maybe we will cross paths while networking :-)

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