Monday, August 2, 2010

Laid Off?? Then Take OFF!

I'm at Starbucks writing and just finished a conversation with a friend who lost her job and feels lost. I guess this is what inspired this blog...

You are in shock, angry, sad, lost and no sense of direction. You have been told by your supervisor that the "company is feeling the impact of the economic dive...and effective such and such date you will longer have a position within the company" Or you simply lost your job for other reasons. A thousand different things are runnning through your mind. You feel cheated and possibly used.
Your afraid because as well know when we loose our jobs; we don't loose our bills and responsibilities.

Although i have never been laid off, i've been fired (many years ago) and i do know the feeling. While i was travelling a lot at the time and took total advantage of my job, it never dawned on me that "What if i loose my job?" And so i did not have a plan.

I postponed my job search and spent what ever i had in my savings "quickily"
Months later i landed an "ok" job. The benefits were worth settling.

I was living a care-free life at the time. Meeting with girlfriends for noon patio lunches, going to the gym mid-morning and shopping mid-day. "I will look for a job when im ready" i reasoned.

Fun and recreation seemed more entertaining then looking for a job. I thought.

Well months later after spending all i had, literally; i began my job search and settled.

BUT, there is a big BUT here! I took a job that did not match my interests of skils. I was bored and unhappy. I dragged my self to work ever morning. If i had just taken that time i had off to find myself and my desires and passions in life, i would have had a better idea of what i wanted to do. But here i was sitting at some office job; bored.

To often we go from job to job just to get the pay cheque! Yes this may feel like the quick fix or the "get to pay my bills" fix. But sooner or later you will want more or less money but happy. But in order to get your dream job you have to have the skills required to get through that door. We can sit and dream all day long...but what good is that?

For instance; you have lost your sales position and now you want that "office assistant" job at the "Top Modelling Agency" in your area, but you have ZERO computer skills. Well since your jobless, now is the best time to enroll in some courses.

Take this time off to identify your areas of weakness. You've always had a passion for writing, but you don't have the experience or education to write professionally. Now is the time to volunteer for your local newspaper and register for a part time writing course.

Love the idea of designing your own clothes or belts..maybe hats? Enroll into a sewing class or take an art course.

But just sit there and spent your time and money on things that will never benefit you.

...and if your self-esteem has been shot for whatever reason, now is the time to join a joggers group or learn how to roller-blade. Be active. Work those brain cells. Read. Read, Read! Actor-Will Smith once said, while hosting an awards show, "The 2 key points in living a healthy life is RUNNING and READING" Hhhmmm makes you go hhhmmm!

Balance your list of liabilities by spotlighting your assets.

Ask yourself "What do i enjoy doing and what do i do best?"
For me it went a little something like this:
What do i enjoy?
People, making money, networking, cooking, entertaining friends and family, writing, socializing, children, volunteer work, touching lives, pampering myself and my kids, travelling....list went on.
What do i do best?
Public speaking, organize events, impact lives, write, decor, sales, customer service, image comsulting, public speaking....list went on!

From the two lists i was able to determine what i wanted to do with my life and what i needed to do, to get there. As far back as i can remember, i have been planning events for family & friends. decided i wanted to start my own business in Event Planning. So there i went. I took courses, read many books, attended seminars and workshops and I DID IT!

Now this by the way was not at the same time i got fired lol. This was all in the past two years. All while pregnant with my now two year old, while working part time for the city (as i still do) and caring for my family which consisted of 5 foster kids, my husband, sister in law, my 17 year old and the baby. It was not until i took a year off for my "MAT-LEAVE" that i truly dived into my soul to find and figure out what i truly wanted to do with the next 10 years of my life. The first step i took to bringing my life list to life, was enrolling into a Business Marketing course at Sheridan (which i loved) Then when the baby was only newborn i began writing my first book titled "If You Played In My Playground" and when he was three months old i took a part time writing course at Humber College. All the baby did was sleep the first 6 months so i stayed BUSY! I barely took an hour out for me (maybe i went over board) but i was determined to get to that list! I went to Starbucks to write for 2 hours a day almost every day for about 9 months.By that time i had 15 chapters written.
Working out helped so much. I lost my baby fat (24 pounds) withinn 2 months. I worked out daily. The gym is where i got all my "book" ideas. I carried a pad and pen with me every where i went.

I was NOT laid off, however is it not the same? I mean i was on EI which is what we all do when we get laid off. I had a year to find "ME"

When Captain (my baby) was a year and a few months old, while i was running the business and still working part time for the City, among many other things lol, i decided to follow my heart and start my DREAM job. I enrolled into the Wedding Planning Institute of Canada and shortly after became a certified wedding planner.

I'm slowly going down my list and checking things off. It may take many years before i can accomplish everything on this list, but i will get there!

Find the time. Loosing your job does not mean loosing your mind! Get up and get things done. Stop dreaming. The world is in the palm of your hands. And with God, anything is possible. Pray. Talk to God. He is there. Always listening. Tell him your desires and dreams. He will give you the strength to get things done. Trust ME!

Ladies, there is never a ghood enough excuse NOT to get up and TAKE OFF!!


  1. This is amazing. I quit my job just a few months ago and i have been waisting a lot of time doin nothing and this blog really gave me the courage to get up and take off. Starting TODAY!

    Thank you D.e.v.a


  2. Comments like this truly put a smile o my face. Be sure to email me and tell me all about your progress :-)