Monday, August 23, 2010

My Sidekick = My Distraction!

I'm a bit annoyed at my sidekick. Everytime i want to be left alone, he bugs me and constantly nags. Always making noises, no matter what time of day it is. He is very demanding and will not take "NO" for an answer. The only way to avoid him is to leave him at home...and when i do that, he sits there alone in the house talking to himself. When i get back in, he just goes on and on babbling away. He stores all he has to say to me in his "mental inbox" and just gives it to me almost all at once upon my arrival.

My sidekick has no life of his own. If i leave him sitting to long without plugging him in for some "luvin" he just dies; mentally. Unable to function. He is of no use at that point. He makes me feel bad when i want to shut him out for the night. Playing mind games all night. Sending me signals...makes me feel as if something bad will happen during the night and i won't know because i've cut him off for the night.

He is never hungry, yet, he insists on sitting at the dinner table with me.

He does not know how to drive, yet, he insists on sitting on my lap while im driving.

He hates the water and claims if he gets wet, he will die, yet, he sits by the tub while i'm showering.

He knows how much my prayer time means to me...yet he sits there quietly shaking his body all over the place crying out for attention while im praying or reading my "Word"

I have told him time and time again how the kids feel about him and don't like when he spends to much time with us, yet somehow he finds his way into our "quiet time"

He is a bother, a nag!

To make matters worse, he makes me pay him for his time. Yes, that's right! Can you believe this. Every month he sends me a bill stating the amount of time i have used him and the cost for his services.
You know things are bad when i can't even sun bath without him wanting to lay on my towel with me. I can't even lay there in peace without him singing in my ear.

Oh and when we are not on talking terms, which is OFTEN, he sends me emails and texes ALL DAY!

I have had enough of him! As of this week, these are the rules I'm setting down for him:

Rules!- YOu can NOT eat at the table with me
- You will NOT join me for "family quality time"
- You will stay in the car during church service from now on
- You will remain in the passenger seat or back seat while I'm driving.
- One day a week i will break from you for the day
- You are not welcome to join Captain and i for "reading time"
- I will NOT scream, throw panic attacks or let you get to me NO MORE!

At LAST but not LEAST, you are NOT welcome into my bed. Stay out of my sheets and away from my pillows at night. I'm shutting you out of my life at night starting at 9pm. We are not to communicate with oneanother after that time.

These rules will not be altered or changed for any reason what so ever.

My final words to you are "Look here CELL PHONE get a life of your own!!"

Phhewww...Ok you all, i had to get that off my chest. LOL! I'm sure you all feel the same pain lol. If you do, set down some rules as of today. Enough is enough. This sidekick of mine is a complete bother in my life. I mean he's great for business and all but it comes to a point where him and i go a little over board.

I come from a generation of people who lived off of beepers and home answering machines. I remember a time when i would come home from a full day out and look forward to the red light flashng...because that meant that somebody could not get a hold of me, and missed me so much ...that they left a few messages.

Before texing and cell phone voicemail came out, people still got along just fine without it. They were still successful, families still stayed in touch (if not more) and people still dated. Actually there were probably less headaches in relationships.

Moms, dads, let's let these sidekicks go while we are spending quality time with out little ones. Afterall, in case of an emergency the most important people in your life are with you anyway.
Turning my cell off at night in the past couple days felt so good. I read with Captain (my son) at night, and then he reads to me and then we say our prayers and we are off to sleep. All while the phone was OFF!

We need to bring back some of the old up bringing our parents instilled in us so that our children will be OK. Like no phones at the dinner table, no talking during quiet time; everybody grab a book and read, no yelling and playing while mommy or daddy are on the phone. We all know that times have changed and if these children do not have any sense of value or culture, there is most likely no hope.

I'm sending out my message from now,


  1. My goodness Elizabeth this is amazing. I really thought it was a "guy" or a "friend" or something you were talking got me lol lol

  2. Yeah i have gotten many emails about this blog. Many people agreed lol