Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Why Hire a Wedding Planner?

Planning a fantasy wedding is a dream that most, if not all women or brides to be have.I can personally remember ever since i was a young girl in my jelly bean shoes, the visions i had of my fairy tale wedding.

The floral, decor, the flying doves and butterflies,and the dress all seem like simple subjects to address when the time comes to plan this special day and probably one of the most important dates in our lives. With very little space for mistakes.

There is a myth going around that wedding planners are not affordable for working class individuals. Actually quite the contrary. Yes, a very long time ago, many years ago actually, only the high end/high class individuals knew of and hired planners and it was something, us, normal people never heard of much and if we did, we assumed it was a service that was not affordable.

Today, wedding planners are very common and used by everyday working class people. Celebrities, of course, take full advantage of a wedding planners services. For mainly 2 reasons. #1 They do not have the time to plan their wedding #2 A wedding planner will bring down even a celebrities budget.
Now of course a planner will charge an extreme amount of money to plan their wedding but please keep in mind that these particular clients request the top of the line services, therefore their service charges reflect that of a celebrity like budget.

Misconceptions about wedding planners being expensive comes from media -T.V, magazines and other sorts of media outlets. The facts are, a bride and groom will always save more money when hiring a wedding planner because we (planners) are trained to work within the couples budget. We are able to calculate their budget, break it down into various sections and vendor shop according to that budget. Not to mention our artistic decor visions. Whether you are wealthy or just getting by, hiring a wedding planner is a wise choice.

Mainly- A wedding Planner will eliminate stress for both the wife to be and the husband. I cannot describe here in words how true this is. I have seen time and time again, sisters of the bride to be, the maid of honour, mother or mother in law all become the "bride zilla"
Consumed with the running around, trying to make dead lines,keeping everyone happy with their choices, settling family feuds, and then what ends up happening? The closest person or people to you DO NOT get to enjoy this beautiful experience and at the very least barely remember the event the day after.

Our loved one are not trained on how to help you save money, contact vendors or tips on how to save yourself allot of "wedding planning" stress. Instead, because of their desire to help you, they end up telling you directly or indirectly, what to do - and even get upset when other family members or friends step in to assist along the way (lol). The planning then becomes messy, leaving family members at war and the brides and grooms are at their wits-end.

Once a couple trusts the decision to contact a planner, a consultation (which is complimentary) is then scheduled. At the meeting, your vision, budget, and personal needs are discussed and from there the planner (myself) will create a memorable event, and of course leaving you feeling like a D.E.V.A (divine, exalted, victorious, angelic)

Planners are known to make things happen the way you imagined it to be as a young girl laying in bed dreaming about her wedding day.
We are known for building strong and lasting relationships.

Our job is make sure the bride,groom and their attendees are all relaxed enough to enjoy the festivities.

Now isn't that priceless?

What Can a Wedding Coordinator Do For Me?

The list is long but here are a few of the duties you can expect:

Help you to create the type of wedding you want. With that knowledge you'll be able to pick your venue, vendors, colour scheme, theme, music, etc.

Help you create a budget sheet and keep track of where your money is going and how much is still owing.

Help keep you on your budget and not go over...too much!!

Suggest vendors that fit your budget and ideas.

Make a wedding planning schedule so that you know what you've done and what still needs to be done.

In most cases a coordinator can save you money because of their connection in the industry.

Take care of any emergencies that arise.

Create a wedding day schedule.

What Type of Packages Do Wedding Coordinators Have?

Consultation only: This is like a mini wedding planning course, best taken at the beginning of your planning. The coordinator won't be at your wedding but will teach you the skills to planning your own day. Some will charge by the hour, others by the meeting. You can book one meeting only or go back as many times as you like.

Planning Preparation: Along with consultation they will save you time by listening to your needs and booking appointments for you with vendors, that meet those needs.

They contact these vendors and describe what you want, what your budget is, if they're available on your date. This way the vendors already know about you when you walk in the door.
They will help you put together a wedding binder, making it easier to keep track of things.
They will make a floor plan for the vendors and a wedding day schedule.

Full Wedding Day Package: A coordinator can be hired for the wedding day alone. She will direct the events of the day and make sure everyone around you is doing their job. Should any emergencies happen she will take care of them. Although a coordinator is hired for one days work, in actual fact they have been working on your wedding, anywhere from 30-50 hours before the day actually get there, getting prepared. You should meet with the coordinator at least once if not twice to go over the details of your wedding. Any coordinator that says no meeting are needed isn't a professional.

What Does a Coordinator Charge?

Wedding coordinators can charge 3 different ways and you will have to ask yours how they work out their prices:

by a percentage of the total cost of your wedding,
by the hour; or
a flat fee.

If you are interested in hiring a wedding planner please contact myself Elizabeth(The Deva's Wedding Planner) direct at 647-338-2107 or email elizabethwilson@devainyou.com


  1. Ms.Deva
    I totally agree with this blog. I never thought i could afford a planner and honestly it was the best thing i did. I saved about 5 thousand dollars. To me that was allot of money. My budget was only 30,000 and i went over about 13,000 and after hiring a planner, she was able to cut $5,000 from that. So in the end i still saved.

    I highly advise all women to get a planner. The part of keeping the stress to a minimum is 100% true. My family members all got to enjoy my special day.

    I'm celebrating my 40th in a few months, i will keep you in mind.

  2. Wow! Love this mths blog. I love how you have reasured the woman about planning a wedding. It is affordable and well needed.Judging by what I have witness from your other events,you make things happen!You go girl.I am so proud of your accomplishments,you keep it moving.
    Thanks for the Invisible Love Big Up.Look out for our table at the G.O.D Event with Luxurious affordable jewellery pieces like none other. Please everyone, Get your tickets for this event,It will be one to remember and its for a Great cause.
    Thank you Liz Deva.

  3. Taseera
    Thank you for the comment.
    I would love to be apart of the 40th bday celebration. Indeed that year needs to be a special one.

    I'm very happy to know that you saved $5,000 with a planner. After all that is allot of money.

    Stay tuned :-))

  4. Flower;
    Hello Ms.Lady.
    Great presentation yesterday at MBNI.

    Thank you for the comment and sweet words. The G.O.D was a great success and there will be plenty more my luv. Let's get together to plan the spa day :-)) I'm ready now. Oh i will be sending you Captains bday invite for your son Sun March 28

    Love you hun and see you soon.