Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What Are You Doing?

Not feeling good enough? Worthy enough? Smart enough? Are you bored? Too much time on your hands? Or doing to much of nothing?
It's ok. Many of us are doing to much of nothing or not enough of something. If you know what i mean.

Ladies and gents, i strongly advise and encourage you to get out there and volunteer your time in making "a difference" in your community. Wether you live with the richest or the poorest, there is something you can do. I challenge you to make a difference.

What are you doing?

What can you do to make things better around you? What you suggest as your answer will depend upon your level of responsibility. But anything good, is something.

This past Saturday March 6 2010 D.E.V.A Group had their official G.O.D -Girl's & Guys of Destiny launch with our Girl's of Destiny Workshop/Brunch. This event was a great success. We had over 70 girl's. 40 of them were sponsored by friends and business associates (much love)

The majority of these young women reside in low-income housing in the GTA and without these sponsors they would not have been able to make it for one reason or another. Most likely financial reasons. Never the less, these young women have forever left their signatures in our hearts. Gifted, beautiful and talented children of God.

Speakers Included:
Neola Husbands (Ms.Teen GTA) Shared her deep and amazing testimony
Louise Fox- Manners On The Go (social & table etiquette)
Kelly Gentile - Performed her skit "Inventions By women"
Ibrahim Downey - Keeping it real!
Jaime Carrington & Ruth Lewis - Sexual Warfare( amazing and life changing for us all. 22 out of the 70 young women gave their lives to Christ after her sermon) Jaime you are amazing.

The room was filled with laughter, comfort, warmth, joy as we all felt safe and in no rush to end the evening.

Nicole Stilleto- Make up artist- put on an amazing workshop titled "Smokey Eye" and after explaining and showcasing the secret techniques to "perfect smokey eyes" she continued the entire day applying make-up to over 20 young women.
Nicole you did a FAB JOB!
If you are looking for a make-up artist, please contact Nicole at 647-830-4463

CEO of Invisible Love Line Jewellery -blessed us with lovely and affordable pieces for the young women to purchase without putting a hole in their pockets :-)
For custom pieces please contact Flower at 416-434-6932

Shereice Founder of Khanzi Creative Expressions donated 5 D.E.V.A Custom bracelets as raffle give aways to these special girl's. She also runs a yearly workshop "Imagine Me" a self esttem program for young women.

A special thank you to Karina Morales. What a wonderful woman. Karina brought over 15 girl's with her which were all from rexdale. She is there running a program titled "Microskills" She is warm, gifted friend of mine who wears her heart on her sleeve. Mami you ROCK!
For more information on Microskills, please visit www.microskills.ca

Performances included:
Sojay- An upcoming artist who rocked our morning with her soothing voice
D.I.V.A Girls (not associated with D.E.V.A) who included:
Keta/Singer Song writer performed "Waitin"
Bonnie Blue performed a spoken word piece "Though i try to steer away from the topic me"
Mercedes Rodriquez performed spoken word, a reflect piece "Child of Destiny"
Keyonna Singer & Song writer sang "Get it together" by 702
Zoe- Spoken word artist performed a piece titled "D.I.V.A"
Renee- Poet & Guitarist shared an instrumental piece titled "A world of Chances"

These young women are on their road to success. Juggling between university, the trials and temptations that their everyday life throws at them, and the fustrations that upcoming artists face daily. I have great faith they will do JUS FINE! :-))

A LOUD shout out to Vee Clarke (D.E.V.A's outreach co-ordinator) for the effort in making this event "special" Thanx BOSS :-)) wink wink lol

Everyday i pray that God will bless me with breathtaking ideas and actions on how to make a difference in this world. I'm not perfect and i have never claimed to be. I only know that i would like for God to use my talents and abilities in ministering to people, women and youth.

I know that i will be faced with many trials and tests in this life time, i mean, afterall the enemy is after those who are "especially chosen" RIGHT? However i would like to know that before i leave this world, i did the very best i could as a mother (first) and then to make this world a better place.

My passion comes from being able to reach out to a soul. Even if it is just one at a time.

My story was made for ME, because it is ME that will make that difference. Without my story, there would be no ME!
Believe in your DESTINY, Believe in the D.E.V.A in YOU!

Please visit www.biographyonline.net to read the stories on people that made a difference. Some amazing stories and great inspirations.


  1. Liz thank you so much for that day. I'm so glad my mother was able to bring me. It changed my life. Every since that day i see things so different. You are a hero Liz.


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