Friday, March 26, 2010

Organize YOU!

I'm (Elizabeth)one of those "girly girls" that tends to hang onto everything. The more of an old school look of feel it has, the longer i will keep it.

I'm also the type that is always giving. So wether that means me inviting you over for dinner and end of giving you a bag of stuff to leave with or just passing on the ring or chain im wearing at that moment, i tend to be very generous.

However i have had a problem up until this week "Letting Go" of accessories. I mean a real big problem. lol.
Purses, rings, head ties and bands, chains, bracelets, shoes, clutches, ear-rings, scarfs, belts and the list goes on.

After reading last months Oprah Magazine on "organizing & decluttering" i told myself "Ok Liz it is time to let go"

I began with my files and papers..then moved to books, then baskets, and my next stop was my accessories (much to my surprise i had 67 belts) However the one i knew would hurt most was the jewellery. I had 7 baskets of it. After doing this i started on the shoes and bags.

I went to the dollerrama and bought a few new accessorie boxes and then went at it. This task took me 2 hours in total. But please let me be the one to tell you, there was no better feeling like getting rid of what i was not wearing and had been sitting around for months if not years. Yes i sat and stared at the bag i threw away for about 10 minutes and went through it again and again lol.....

Ladies, put a day aside to declutter your home. The way you feel internally will depend on how your living space feels. If you are using your bedroom as your storage space and have clothes laying around everywhere because you do not have the closet space then purchase roller stands that can hold allot of clothing or pretty baskets (Ikea) to seperate your clothing. Under garments in one, socks in another, T-shirts in another etc You can place these baskets fashionable on top of one another.

For those of you (us) that collect and keep all pay stubs, magazines, receipts from 5 years ago (lol), magazines and so on, please do yourself a favour and throw them out. Limit the space around you. Make it easy to locate files that are important. Especially if your working space or computer desk if filled with papers, files and junk (its what i call things that need to be thrown out)

I have attached a few pictures i took while decluttering my accessorie storage space. I'm very proud of myself :-) I ended up with 22 bags and 20 pairs of shoes all to give away to charity.

While i did this, my son and foster kids looked on in AWW! In amazement that one person can own enough accessories to open a boutique. LOL! Yes i admit, i had very bad shopping habbits ONCE UPON A TIME.

This week im decluttering my closets (clothing) and i do not mean throw away a shirt or skirt here and there as i usually do for charity. I mean i'm going to get rid of those many pieces i just refuse to "let go of" which will accumulate to about 2 full garbage bags. Keep in mind i do the charity thing about every 5 months or so. Hhhhmmm sounds like fun huh? lol

Luv, Ms.D.E.V.A
Elizabeth Wilson


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  1. I can see why your kids were looking on in awww lol wow this is amazing and the after math looks so cool. You have totally motivated me.

    Talay Muzin