Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Are you ready to make energizing changes to your diet and overall lifestyle; mind, body and soul- but don’t know where to begin?
Join Kamshuka and Elizabeth Correia for this fun and inspiring day to help you transform your life from tired to inspired!
'Healthy Me' Creating the Life You Deserve!
This one day educational and energizing retreat is aimed to help Women achieve success in health, increase resilience, improve relationships, communications and overall wellness. You will also discover the best foods to help boost brain power, increase energy levels and promote beauty from the inside out.
To register or obtain more information email or call
Elizabeth at 647-773-1876 / Kamshuka 416-320-9645
You may purchase tickets via email transfer or at:
Attendees will receive a gift bag full of healthy products & samples!
Elizabeth Correia: The Power of Forgiveness
Colleen Blake-Miller: Don't Give Up
Belinda Kamshuka Barrocks: fearLESS
Keisha Francis: Love Yourself
We're creating a space for you to recharge, renew and say 'yes' to YOU!

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