Sunday, January 17, 2016

Be A Woman of Excellence!

Just some Sunday Inspiration!

Daniel was a man of excellence, and because of that, the King promoted him to a position of great influence (see Danile 6:3).

Daniel was also a man who refused to compromise. Even if his choices endangered his life like when he refused to stop praying and got thrown into the lion's den, he would not compromise.
He believed strongly in keeping his commitments, promises and vows, and he was willing to endure personal discomfort to do it.

Our God is an excellent God, and He has called us to be excellent too. To be excellent is a decision we must make and it means we got to go the extra mile to do OUR best. We don't have to be THE best- but we must 'DO' our best. We should always strive to do what God would do in the situations we encounter.

Make a decicion today to BE excellent!

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