Friday, December 4, 2015

Your True Identity Is Hidden in Him!

Being a young girl 'today' is soooooo far from what it was in my playground; when there were no reality shows, no facebook, instagram and twitter. No cell phones with data, no girls injecting their boobs and backside and of course their lips, no red bottoms...we just wanted a pair of jelly bean shoes from 'Honest Ed's' and a wind breaker oh and maybe some 'madonna glow in the dark' rubber bracelets and some ty dye to design our jeans and t-shirts... or a time when pills, mollies and X were never a cool thing to try. A time when drug addicts were soooo seperated from us......

Our youth are searching for their identity.

Their trying to find it in other boys, girls, music, drugs, alcohol, sex, celebrities, actors and rappers.

There is ONLY one place their going to find it!!! In the One who created them!!! ‪#‎God

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