Saturday, January 24, 2015

'Life Inside of Me' With Suzie Correia Rego


'Life Inside of Me' with Suzie Correia Rego (my sister) Part One of Full Interview:

I am delighted that my book 'If You Played In My Playground' continues to be of help to those who are hurting, but I am also sad that the hurt out here still exists. Through my sister's interview I pray you will find comfort and encouragement; that you will truly come to believe that the abuse was not your fault; and that you will understand that even if the people who should have protected you or fought for you or believed you didn't, it doesn't mean you aren't worth protecting, fighting for or believing. There are thousands of us out here who have survived this pain and hurt. We're rooting for YOU, believing in you, because you CAN and will overcome. With God ALL things are possible. We are a living testament of this.

This is an interview our dear friend 'Veena Syan' did with my sister - on life- through her eyes. It was amazing to see how different our childhood stories were.

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