Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A Message from Lizzy!

You're probably wondering "what's up with Liz?" LOL. Yes it's been about a month since I've blogged. I miss it and can't wait to get back on track. I am enjoying my summer off with the kids and working hard on a few upcoming projects I will be launching soon.

I will back in the blogging game in a couple more weeks. So don't give up on me :-) I have a long list of blogging ideas to write about, interviews with some amazing women and a couple or treats for you all.

I will definitely share my summer testimony with you soon. All I can say, as I always say, GOD is sooooo GOOD! Yes He is.

My message to YOU:

Do not judge your current situation as the outcome of the journey. Whatever is happening right now in your life, is happening for your own personal growth and for the blessing you're suppose to get out of it. Whether it's a lesson learned or for your own personal development and maturity. Maybe you're suppose to walk away from something toxic in your life and it's the only way God could actually get you to walk away.

I promise you, there is purpose in your pain!

If it's hard (your situation) than DO it hard!! Give it all you got.

Now do me a favor, go and stand up in front of a mirror. Like right now... Whether it's a bathroom mirror at work or maybe you got one of the little ones in your purse. Ok are you there???

Say this out loud:

Because I am a believer, I AM an achiever!!

I am a dreamer! And I matter!

I feel GOOD and I am wide awake. I am aware!

I AM a world changer!

I am NOT ordinary! I matter and I am unique!

Because I AM HERE!!!!

No matter what it is, it's not that serious. Live the life you were created to live. A life of PURPOSE! Whether you have 60 years left to live or 60 days, LIVE!!!!!

Love Lizzy

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