Friday, July 5, 2013

Be Still and Dare to Visualize

I will be the first to admit that I never dared to visualize the future in many areas of my life. Meaning, I knew I wanted a beautiful colorful home by the water with a sort of vintage feel and a white Range Rover (Sport) in my driveway but I wasn't actually visualizing these thoughts into being.
Visualization is when we use our imagination to achieve a desired result.

Many of us 'say' we want things; a house, a husband, a business, a fashion line, a boat, degree etc However we don't actually see it in the finished product. And until we do so, it's just words coming out of our mouths. And yes, words have power, of course we can all agree on that. But, do you actually sit there and picture the home? The tiles? The wooden floors? The drapes? The backyard? The deck? The pool? The landscaping? Well, guess what? I had a total AHA moment yesterday while studying. Out of nowhere I saw the home I desire to have in the near future. Not in a magazine or in person. It came to me in a vision and I claimed it. I told God, "yes that's the home. I WILL have it." As a little girl, my dream was to live by the water.

I began to vision the décor and the most beautiful part was that it was on a beach. That's right. But hey, if "so so" can have it, why can't we / I? We limit ourselves too much and personally I am just tired of 'settling' because I am not a 'settling' kinda gal :-)

This vision was so intense. I could not believe how much of the home I began to visualize. I got real quiet, put down my book and just stared at the candle that was burning in my order to really get into the pictures I was seeing. All day today, that 'house' was on my mind. Every detail in it. The windows were floor to ceiling and they didn't have any drapes or curtains. It even had a vintage feel and look (the décor) with a lot of white and bright colors. The most beautiful part of it was my reading deck. Yes that's right, I had a reading deck filled with bean bags on the floor and a couple gazebo's (did I spell it right?). I am now hooked on that vision and I have already claimed it.
Ladies, we have got to start seeing our dreams as if they were already true. We've got to be as specific as possible. This is how these dreams literally come to life. You began to see and feel it so much that you can literally smell the home (lol). See yourself in that new home going about your daily routine. I saw myself in it today; gardening. Remember, there is no wrong way to visualize. Speak to God if you don't already. He knows what we want and He also knows the level of maturity were at in order to be able to handle those blessings.

I think for too many years I believed I didn't deserve to have all the beautiful things and people in my life, I know I was destined to have. And those beliefs come from our childhood experiences. We limit ourselves and we are unwilling to accept great and grand things for ourselves.

Well ladies, BE STILL and begin to visualize the life you want, right NOW!

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